Thai Airways SWOT Analysis


• Most important strength of Thai Airways is its low cost leadership in the market with which it gets a huge customer base.

• Secondly Thai Airways has its main focus over the innovation to control its costs and it is very successful in doing so.

• Online growth of Thai Airways is another major strength through which it is catering a separate class of clients.

• One of the longest non-stop air flights were another big advantage of Thai Airways.

• As told before Thai Airways is the largest Airline in Thailand so it is basically enjoying the largest market share thus staying ahead from many other airlines (Freiberg and Jackie, 1996).

• Strong management team is another big advantage of Thai Airways due to which all of business functions are running smoothly.

• Loyal customer base also acts as strength for Thai Airways.

• Cabin staff of Thai Airways is very big advantage of Thai Airways which satisfies its entire client perfectly.

• it flies to 71 destination in 34 countries.


• Lack of diversification among small and medium sized cities of Thailand is a weakness of Thai Airways.

• And closed organizational structure is also a weakness which if changed would bring in huge benefits for the firm.

• Another major weakness of Thai Airways was its diseconomies of scale means that the company was unable to cut its costs when the clients were in a huge number. By increasing number of clients costs should reduce but they actually didn’t happened every time.

• There are few weaknesses in the supply chain of Thai Airways related to vendors because maintenance is the basic activity in airlines and if not performed well it would serve as the weakness for firms. And similarly Thai Airways is facing few problems in supply chain management.


• Financial markets may serve as the debt increasing opportunity for Thai Airways as using more money they can diversify into several different cities.

• Takeover opportunities in the Airlines market also serve as a big opportunity to increase the business working areas and thus customer’s base would also increase (Alexander, 2001).

• Similar to takeovers acquisitions also served as the expansion opportunity for Thai Airways. And now it depends over the team and management that how they are going to utilize these opportunities.


• Increasing competition in the market is serving as the threat for Thai Airways because any time a new big giant may appear and hold the market share of Thai Airways.

• Day to day increasing price wars may lead to severe lower costs which would lead to losses if not controlled properly.

• As technology is developing day by day so the lowered costs of technology is again threatening the entrance of new players in the market as they are going to increase the competition in the market (Grose, 1995).

• As it is an international airline so exchange rate changes is also playing a threatening role for Thai Airways. If a huge fluctuation is going to occur then it would become difficult for them to cater these changes.


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