Qatar Airways SWOT Analysis


• It is a flag carrier of Qatar, and is among the Middle East’s big three airlines with excessive fleet and expansion plans. It links approximately 90 international destinations from its base.

• Its services are extended all over Europe, North Africa, Far East, Indian Subcontinent, India, South America and Oceania.

• Qatar Airlines stands in five star ranking in the eyes of SKY TRAX, and its cabin crew has also been regarded as best in Middle East by SKY TRAX.

• Passenger’s reviews about Qatar Airlines are generally very good.

• An excellent thing about Qatar airlines is this that it provides its customers with the facility to stay connected in the air via text and internet using their own mobiles of blackberry type.

• One of the important strength of this airline is its exceptional air service, excellent business, and a world class terminal on Doha with its lavish lounges.

• Royal fleet management and administration are a component of Qatar airways operations and society is also a member of Arab air carrier organization.

• Qatar Airways flies to 101 destinations which includes countries of  Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, Indian subcontinent, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania.


• One of the flaw of this airline is that it do not have horizontal flat beds in all its aircrafts rather it posses angled flat beds tilted approximately 165 to 170%.

• Approximately 50% shares belong to government sector and the remaining is for private sector, therefore actually how much profitable this airway is always remain a mystery, as carrier simply not announces (Villarreal, 1987).


• It was announced by Qatar airways CEO Akbar-Al-Baker on Dec 20,2010 that Qatar air ways is about to announce a hefty profit this year , providing opportunity for IPO, and this is also joining number of carriers to announce its profits.

• A CEO Qatar airway was also quite confident about the carriers to launch IPO by early 2012, after enjoying three consecutive years of profitability (Acevado, 2001).

• Qatar airways is expected to expand quickly due to above mentioned excessive carrier growth, aggressive fleet strategy , support by Qatari government and definite addition of 30 aircraft and 30 new routes to its network. Due to new addition of flights the daily flight frequency will approximately double before 2011 ends.

• New addition of flights will open more choices for the passengers like traveling in the mornings, evenings or late nights.

• Qatar air line is also about to add airbus A330 carrier for its new routes rather than Boeing 777 aircrafts. These new aircrafts will be well equipped with business class products like flat seats.


• There are many external threats for example; growing fuel prices, terrorism which can have a direct implication on Qatar airways.

• Attempts have been made to destroy Qatar air ways using powerful explosives but luckily they were figured out. In official’s eyes there is still a threat present for such destruction, (Arizmendi & Frasher, 2003).

• Many examples of flight delays are present in Qatar airways record and the aircraft is now two- and-a-half years behind schedule, this can destroy its reputation.



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