Singapore Airlines SWOT Analysis

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore and is very well established Service Provider Company. It is familiar for its quality flights all over Singapore and in many countries of the world. 


• Singapore Airlines is eminent worldwide for its excellent service quality, unmatched environment, clean and sanitized food and unparalleled security. 

• It is a well renowned brand name in tourism and industry.

• Singapore Airlines stands as the sturdy airlines of Asia and is influential from the very beginning. It lies as the chief brand name in comparison to other aspirant and recognized brands. It is matchless in its dedicated leader ship, legitimate quality, paramount technology and brand strategy (Leong, 2007). 

• One of the very striking figures of Singapore Airlines is its attractive Singapore girl. The Singapore girl strategy has really worked out and has become a victorious brand icon with a fabled status and aura around her. These girls are quite known for their generosity and Asian values like compassion, affection, kindness, gracefulness and tranquility (Matthew, (2007).

• Singapore Airlines is inimitable in providing lavish and entertaining flight full of luxurious like open non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, sizzling meals, warm perfumed towels, personal   pursuits, video on demand and many more.

• It is the “world’s most admired airline” and is also ranked as 5 star airline by SKYTRAX in addition to this it has also won many other awards.

• As far as its technology is concerned it maintains the youngest fleet of all foremost airways because of its stern policy of replacing older aircrafts for latest, improved models but stood first in the delivery of latest aircrafts like Boeing 777, Boeing 747 jumbo jets etc.

• It stood first to soar Airbus Super jumbo A-380 IN 2006 and is also known for its sub-branded aircrafts like 777 jubilee and 747 mega top.

• It flies to sixty one destinations in thirty five countries including two longest non- stop commercial flights from Singapore to Newark and Los Angles.

• It has diversified in related industry and sectors comprised of thirty two subsidiaries and two joint ventures.


• It is too expensive to travel that middle class people can just dream of traveling via Singapore airlines,

• As it is well renowned in the world for its first class services and sky touching fares customers naturally develop a very high expectation level and therefore very minor fault could blemish its repute easily.

• Few customers report boorish attitude of air stewards and stewardesses.

• Huge decline in the financial performance in year 2010 as compared to year 2010.

• The relation between labor union and management has been not good at times due to cut in wages and downsizing in bad economic conditions.


• Singapore airlines offer the most inclusive and meticulous training programs for its cabin and flight crew to ensure brand experience and aptness.

• “Innovation” is an important trait of Singapore Airlines and it believes that it is a short lived character which lives before any other Airline adopt it , after some other  Airline adopt it ,it no more remains innovative. Therefore it keeps on introducing novel features and considers innovation as an integral part of its strategy, this differentiate it from other Airways and will lead it on the road to success.

• It has vigilantly developed a financial plus rigid cost in order to support their brand name to overcome the competition on costs. .

• It can increase revenue by increasing the total number of destinations and fleet size.


• Due to immensity of its amenities and superb cabin service Singapore airlines invite ahead of competitors whose number is increasing step by step. Some of its brawny challengers are Northwest, United and Japan Airlines (Heracleous, 2006). 

• Rapid growth of low cost airways in the recent past is a major shakeout for expensive, premium airlines. Singapore airlines should also go for low cost flights to remain first in the competition but not on the compensation of its innovative, luxurious brand name as it could affect its repute.

• Increasing price of oil may result in high cost per passenger.

• Threat of security will always remain with the airlines industry after the incident of 9/11. The Singapore airlines have to always keep the security factor in mind because it was hijacked back in 1991.

• High use of technology such as video conferencing for meetings reduces the frequency of visits of business officials for meetings.



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