Emirates Airlines SWOT Analysis

Emirates Airlines is a well renowned airline of United Emirates and has a very extensive network all over UAE and several other countries. SWOT analysis would give us a deep insight into it. 


• Emirate flights cover almost the whole world including its six continents, providing a huge range of almost 100 cities hosting almost 2400 passengers a week.

• Emirates have the major aviation share of 39 % in Asia Pacific continent.

• As emirates is a state owned organization, and the political scenario is favorable, as the trade pacts are being signed, so it’s enjoying real fruit of the deals.

• Compared with the reduction in air loads in other regions of the world, the capitalists of drastically growing U.A.E economies can easily nurture themselves with the air tickets, ultimately strengthening the Emirates airlines (Butler & Keller, 2000).

• Location of emirates is the most suitable as it lies between east and west in Asia and the resources are being gathered very effectively benefiting emirate airlines at its first end.

• Some of the global threats that have attacked aviation industry have been effectively tackled by emirates through their unique business policy.

• For the first time ever digital windscreen system was introduced by emirates.

• In flight entertainment facilities are provided including live text news and email services for customers and won a number of awards from entertainment association.

• In international market emirates sponsors a number of sports and festivals.

• Low emissions and environment friendly practice is being claimed.


• Oil prices are increasing throughout the world and the huge companies like emirates should tackle through this type of situations but emirates couldn’t cope with it and their profits were eaten up (Doganis, 2001).

• In today’s world every one is aware of the weaknesses and strengths of the company on which they are spending, so emirates needs to be technologically advanced and well aware as they lack in considering future demands.

• The open competition with in the airlines has opened up the legal ways of company advancement, so despite thinking of the government hitches emirates should change the line of action and should move a head independently.

• There is a dire need to improve performance and adopt a global facet to net all the regions worldwide with their success. If one region is over relied it would put a darker situation for emirates regarding other regions.

• Well paid labor will give double output than it is giving currently, so labor policies needs to be revised for further onset.


• The business ventures like Disney land is attracting international communities towards Dubai using Emirates airway as their first choice, further strengthening it economically.

• Emirates have become ally to the global airline alliance.

• Frequent flyers are being given several incentives.

• Company can expand itself in other regions of Asia pacific for the betterment of its whooping profit as well as the hosting countries, spreading positive market throughout the region.


• As Emirates is state owned property, and is at the edge to be affected by the government policies. So this may threat its working at any stance.

• As different type of labor is required to deal several types of aircrafts with in the fleet, so sometimes it becomes difficult to satisfy the demands of the laborers and to keep them working without any conflict.

• Company has been enjoying a major share in the last decade but it can easily enter into shambles, if it relaxes a bit as there are a number of competitors in airways business (Doganis, 2002).


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