Air New Zealand SWOT Analysis

Air New Zealand is a well known airlines being operated almost all over the world. Its fleet size is one hundred excluding 27 orders and 33 options with international routes being served by Boeing 747, Boeing 767, Boeing 777 and Airbus A320 aircrafts.


• Emergency exit system is very well established, both sides of seats have the exit system.

• Sixteen countries are being approached at fifty one different cities in Asia, Pacific, North America, Oceania and United Kingdom.

• Stryrax rated it as 8th best airline in the world in 2009 and in 2010 was awarded by air transport world as Airline of the year.

• Environment friendly fuel usage and policies are being initiated.

• Special routes have been designed to promote trade and marketing.

• Air Newziland is well aware of marketing and role of advertisement in it, every year a new policy is being formulated and moat of the time it successfully runs as their team is always discovering new products and arrangements for flyers (Kotler, 2002).

• Online booking and impressive search has returned the investments many folds.

• Organizational structure is very well balanced and organized, which is the ultimate reason of their success as the crew is always striving for excellence and tourism promotion in their country.

• New Zealand have an edge of manufacturing air crafts


• Air New Zealand accepts credit card payment but not cash and outsiders have to pay surcharge on their card transactions.

• Economy and premium economy cabins are not comfortable especially in long flights.

• Services are often delayed and crew is often not organized.

• When traveling outside New Zealand Flight staff is not as efficient as in local flights.

• From December, 2010 Air New Zealand and Air Blue are working in alliance and are expected to strengthen each other.

• A number of classes are introduced to entertain the choice oriented approach of the customer.

• Total revenue generated last year was NZ$82 million, which was expected to be increased but the situation became adverse and  loss of NZ $4.05 billion was beard because of less number of boarding passengers as compared to the previous year (McDonald, 2000).


• Frequent flyers earn miles from their tickets and are categorized into gold and silver according to the class in which they travel.

• Air New Zealand will announce new carrier capacities in year 2011 by introducing new crafts, increasing utilization and configuration in the way of improving the profits in fiscal year 2011 (Jobber, 2001).


• Despite the face that the Air New Zealand has grown old, its air accidents have occurred mostly in the last decade, proving the technical inaccuracy.

• Fuel price increase has posed a great threat to aviation companies’ through out the world and is adversely affecting air New Zealand because of its relatively big fleet.

• Security is the major concerns after the incident of 9/11.

• Air New Zealand has been facing tough competition from major player of industry which includes Qantas and Cathay Pacific.



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