SWOT Analysis of Parker Hannifin

The Parker Hannifin Company was founded by Arthur L. Parker in 1918 at the Cleveland, Ohio, United States and is based on the industry of motion and control. The company is headquartered in the area of the United State that is Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The company has almost about 311 manufacturing sites all over the world and the company is providing its services globally.

Parker Hannifin SWOT Analysis

Parker Hannifin Strengths

• The company has a very strong innovative culture as compared to the other industries in the market.

• The company has excess quantity of the assets that increases the factors of the production and the growth of the products.

• A very strong chain of the supply of the products is present as the distribution to the retail sellers and distributors.

• The company is engaged in the production of the unique products that are distinct from the competitor’s brand.

• The company has very strong features and is experiencing the advantages that are related to the cost factors.

Parker Hannifin Weaknesses

• The assets acquired by the company are in surplus that is actually not the requirement of the company. 

• The company has very weak features and interest in the research and development sector.

• The company is not fully recognized by the market and has weak access of the brand as from the customers.

• The technological aspects of the company are also very weak and are old fashioned that in fact oscillate the demand.

• The company has weak position in the market shares as because of the unstable financial position which is due to the huge acquisitions.

Parker Hannifin Opportunities

• The company should try to balance and enhance the structure of the market as from the fragmentation.

• The company should try to stable the assets acquisitions so in order to have a stable financial position.

• The advanced and new sort of the technology should be acquired by the company to increase the productions.

• The expansions and enhancements should be taken by the company with the firms that are situated and operated in abroad.

• The more and more product expansion should be made by the company in order to have improvement in the demand for the branded products.

• The company should take steps into the new markets to have improvement in the number of shares.

Parker Hannifin Threats

• The intense competition is faced by the company from its competitors and especially from the brands allocated abroad.

• The products and commodities produced by the company are old fashioned as the company is producing it for so many years that lack the interest of the customers. 

• The aspects of the bad and slowdown economy decrease the rate of the profitability for the company.

• The intervention of the rules and regulations stated by the government limits the scope of expansion for the company.

• The issues of the risks related to the politics declines the growth of the economy and indirectly the brand as well.


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