SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) SWOT Analysis

In 1969, the science application international corporation (SAIC) was founded and Dr. J.R. Bester was the founder of the company.  The SAIC was a public company which is made on the industry of the Aerospace and Defense. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, U.S and its functions are operated and performed by the CEO of the company that is John P. Jumper. The company is engaged in the production of products and services like system integration, technical services and solutions and scientific engineering.

SWOT Analysis of Science Applications International Corporation

SAIC Strengths

• The company involves the strong level of customer loyalty as by providing the proper satisfaction.

• The company is experiencing the strong brand name and recognition as through the appropriate services.

• The strong management team is present in the market that improves the production of products and services and enhances the growth.

• The company is allocated with the strong and innovative product line that differentiates the brand from its competitors.

• The company has strong supply chain towards its distributors as compared to its competitors.

• The online services and promotion is provided to its customers in order to grow its services.

SAIC Weaknesses

• The company has lack of involvement in the diversification of the business portfolios and with the brand.

• The prices of the brand are overly charged that reduces the demand of the customers and declines the rate of growth. 

• There are no policies build up by the company that involves the concentration of the customers towards the loyalty.

• The contracts and agreements settled between the company and the government is the weak fact for the company in case of productivity.

• Low market shares are present for the company in the market because of the issue of financial stability.

SAIC Opportunities

• The plans should be made by the company for the expansion and emergence of the business in the area abroad.

• The expansions should also be made for the services and product line that are produced and manufactured by the company.

• The more and more renovations should be made on the online services and also in the aspect of the promotion of the brand.

• The enhancements should be made in order to build and invent new products with the quality of differentiation from other existing brands.

• The financial issues of the company should be balanced by increasing the debts of the company which raises the money.

SAIC Threats

• Huge and intense competition is faced by the company in various aspects like quality.

• A lot of matured products and services for a long production time is the threat as it decreases the interest of the customer from the brand.

• The major threat for the company is the issue of the price war as different prices are settled by the competitive brands that decrease the profitability ratio.

• The production cost of the competitors is less as compared to the SAIC and also the duties that are implied on the imports.


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