US Airways Group SWOT Analysis

In 1939, US Airways company was founded which is based on transportation and is airline holding company. The headquarter of the company is in Tempe, Arizona, USA and the operations of the company are performed and lead by Doug Parker, the CEO of the US Airways Group.  The products and services given by the company are the airline services. With the passage of time, the company has done its merger with the best airline companies of America. 


• The US Airways Group owns the variety of planes and aircrafts that permit the company for flexibility, versatility and also in the cost operations.

• The hub made by the company are the strength for it because it provides its passenger all the possible internationally and transcontinental routes.

• The US Airways Group consumers and businesses have strong brand loyalty to the carriers of the airways.

• The company knew its financial stability and because of which it improves its position by implementing different plans and overcome different current issues.

• US Airways Group give a strong competition to its competition for example Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines, Air Tran Airways and few more through marketing.

• The current management owner and the team as well are the strong assets to the organization which is known as the master dealer in the industry.


• The US Airways group is paying a lot for the assets of the company which are then considered as the weakness for the company.

• The selection of the hubs in the company is the weak point because the size of the hub is not as large to accommodate the passengers appropriately.

• In the previous years the resignation signed by the CEO of the company is the major drawback as he was managing all the current operations of the company and due to the resignation the morale of the employees was declined.

• The company is constantly losing its customers as because of the certain issues like after the incident of September 11, the company stops various flights of some specific locations. 

• Although the crash of the plane is a sudden issue but the plane crash done by the company came it to the great depression.

• As with the failure of the merger with the united airline the company suffers huge amount of losses in the financial position.


• The company should try to done the partnership with the financial stable companies.

• Making good dealings with Government as without that company results in the failure.

• The company should achieve the confidence of the customers because without spending on customers no company can survive.

• Attaining the investments from the outside organizations like from the Texas Pacific Group.


• The external threat for the company is the fluctuating economy of the world.

• As with the slowdown of the economy people with the lower income are unable to purchase the air tickets.

• The possibilities of the act of terrorism that will affect the people who wants to travel in the air.

• The United Nations war with Iraq is also the threat for the company as the oil producing exporting countries will be affected.


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