SWOT Analysis of Precision Castparts

Precision Castparts is one of top companies in the industry of metal casting and industrial goods. The company produces forged components, industrial gas turbines, airfoil casting used for engines of aircrafts and investment castings. Many crucial aircraft manufacturers depend upon the products from Precision castparts. Headquarter of Precision Castparts is located in Portland, Oregon that is located in United States and was founded in year 1949. The company has already acquired position in list of Fortune 500 in 2009. Precision Castparts Corporation is also trading at New York Stock Exchange as PCP.


• Precision castparts is leading producers of components of aerospace industry especially of jet engine.

• Company also produces other industrial components such as parts of medical prostheses, oil industry parts and parts of power generating turbines.

• For electricity turbines Precision Castparts are considered as most prominent manufacturers for gas turbines.

• $1.5million revenue is earned by the company from manufacturing of parts for Boeing 787.

• Precision Castparts produces variety of other industrial goods such as industrial components for defense industry, parts for paper industry and products for industry of automotives.

• PCC holds fair share of markets in Europe, Asia and US.

• PCC has acquired 362 positions in list of Fortune 500 in year 2009.

• PCC is also ranked as 11th best company for production of Defense and Aerospace products.
• The strong position of company is due to its variety of product range as it accommodates different types of industries.

• Precision Castparts puts great effort in research and development activities to meet standard of industry.

• Due to industrial growth PCC holds strong prospects for growth.

• The strategic acquisitions of different markets enhance the strength of company.

• The annual growth rate of revenue of company is about 13.94%.


• Due to economic recession all over the world acquisitions become more expensive and also increase risk involved in it.

• Precision Castparts also exhibit decrease in market share.

• Precision castparts depends on limited numbers of available customers for its revenues.

• Due to worldwide economic downfall company also has to face reduced in number of orders from industries.


• Due to increase in prices of fuel demand for industrial parts for alternative transportation increases.

• Precision Castparts can explore more opportunities with emerging markets such as India and China.

• With more advance upcoming technologies PCC can introduce more innovative products.

• With increase in defense budget in US more orders are available for company for defense industry.


• Precision Castparts has to face competitions from emerging industries in production of different products such as Howmet in casting products, Ladish Co for segment of forged products and many other companies for fastener products.

• Economic decline also affects the revenue of company as purchasing power of industry reduced with government policies.

• Reduced growth in markets of Europe and US also influence the company revenues.

• The unstable prices of raw material also effect the production of Precision Castparts.


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