Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis


• Southwest Airlines is the low cost airlines because of its route management and low cost operations.

• Southwest airlines carried more customers than other US airlines.

• Third largest Airlines in the industry on basis of revenue and profits.

• Southwest operates more than 3500 flights daily.

• Better utilization of resources to reduce the cost of operations.

• Good financial position

• High market share and brand reputation.

• Better relations with customers and employees.

• Unique corporate culture

• is the largest airlines in terms of unique visitors.

• Southwest aggressively marketing its services on Internet.


• Southwest Airlines not attract business class people because there are no bifurcation of seats such as business and economy class.

• It lacks of diversity in services such as freight and cargo. Majority of dependency on passenger revenues.

• Lack on international presence.

• Overbooking of tickets


• Expansion of services at International Level.

• Joint venture with other airlines.

• Rewards system for the frequent flyers to build good customer relations.

• Southwest airlines must come with the idea to make their customers feel secure.

• Online ticker reservation through mobile, Website, ATMs and other channels.

• Over 100 cities asked the southwest airlines to start the operations.


• Government regulations

• Fierce competition in the industry

• Sudden changes in the prices of Oil.

• After 9/11, security is one of the major challenges for the Airlines.

• Most of the airlines companies are imitating southwest strategies.

•  Southwest airlines always adopted conservative strategies which may create problems in future if any new entrants in the industry come up with the fast pace marketing growth strategies.

• Cost of Airlines security is increasing due to terrorism.

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