SWOT Analysis of Victoria’s Secret


Victoria’s Secret Company starts working in San Francisco in the year 1977. The company was establish by Roy Ramond, who was a graduate student and want to buy buying lingerie for his wife from a departmental store and he feels shy while buying the products, thus he build his own store which have the option of both by hand and through mail. The company have very limited brand like bath and body works, Henri Bendel etc. Victoria’s Secret has adopted 24/7 marketing strategies both in stores and through web. The web site of the company is one of the fast growing and profitable site. The main products of the company include lingerie, swimwear, shoes, and clothes and beauty products. The company has almost 390 million customers each year. Pink is one of the company top brands which were started in 2007.

Victoria’s Secret Strengths

• The main strength of Victoria’s Secret is the product they offer to their customer.

• The company has its own web site on which they market their products, and also inform their user about the upcoming products.

• The company has a large customer due to the quality products they provide.

• The company has a very well known and trustful brand name.

• The marketing strategies of the company are well organized.

• The company has super model, stop-notch and photographers for advertizing their products
• The company arranges different annual fashion shows for improving its brand name and for their consumer knowledge that what their recent collection is.

Victoria’s Secret Weaknesses

• The products build by Victoria’s Secret and very short and thus give very limited image to women’s image.

• The dress can be worn only in bars and movies etc but in real life there very few people wish to wear such dresses.

• The products made by the company have very limited market in Asia side.

• The company focus on very little sector.

• The size selected by the company is very limited.

Victoria’s Secret Opportunities

• The company has top model in their sector and can have many advantages on size and models.

• As the numbers of stores are limited thus they can expand their stores which can have much space to handle many clothes in it.

• They have limited market which can be expanding to a lot more by lunching their products to the global market.

• Along with the female brand the company can also start men’s brand in order to improve their profit as well as their brand name.

• The company can develop a qualified work surroundings product line.

Victoria’s Secret Threats

• As the resource of the company are very limited and if economic downturn arise it will certainly affect the company profit.

• The company has a lot of competitors in the market who offer lingerie product so it can also affect the company.

• Most of the lingerie companies offer discounts on their products more than Victoria’s Secret.


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