TJX Companies SWOT Analysis

TJX is the most famous, leading and the largest home fashion and apparel departmental store with chains and outlets across the globe. It is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. Under the name of Zayre, this company was first established in 1956.Its’ first branch with the name TJ Maxx was opened in 1976. But an event in 1988 led to the establishment of present-day TJX. The department store specializes in selling products like house wares, beauty products, cosmetics, jewelry, furniture, clothing and footwear. The company employs a total of 154000 employs from across the world. The recorded annual revenue of TJX for the year 2011 was at $1.9 billions.

Strengths of TJX

One of the foremost strong points of TJX is its dominating position in the market. It is very well known and has a wide local clientele, besides having many potential customers. It has a very strong network of outlets.

It has a very consistent and generation of revenue from its well known outlets. This is because TJX is renowned for its high quality. Being a mega store and offering the best combination and a wide array of products brings it more customers, thereby generating more profit for the company.

It has a very proper, technologically advanced and efficient system of inventory management. All the inventories are sent out from the main store thereby ensuring that no defaulted or low quality product is retailed. The inventories are updated through a very efficient intranet. There is a very proper and straight organizational chart and a very strong management team. The communication methods used are very efficient. So, together, all this combination gives it the right professional look.

Weaknesses of TJX

Most of the retailing stores of TJX are concentrated within the US market. Conclusively, it is over-dependant on United States for its survival and if there is a slight change in the structure of economy, it can face a huge loss in revenues. Also, concentration within the United States ahs limited its access to other foreign countries.

Opportunities for TJX

It has wide and terrific opportunities to explore the vast, emerging markets of developing countries like India and China. Such countries are best for its growth and can contribute to bring a wide array of growth opportunities. Also, the European Union can be a smart choice. Furthermore, it could diversify into the production of other products like interior designing goods or some electrical equipment.

Today many businesses run online and give the customers an option to shop from the online store and pay no charges for product delivery. Such options can prove to be a growth factor for TJX too. If it expands its online existence, through its own site and through the social networking sites, it can remain one of the top selling companies in the future too.

Threats for TJX

Today, many businesses are in line that offers cheaper products than does TJX. There is a cut-throat competition as the prices of commodities are hiking. People will likely prefer cheap alternatives to TJX. A slight growth in a competitor’s expansion may affect TJX and its revenue negatively.

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