Genuine Parts Company (GPC) SWOT Analysis

The genuine parts company was founded in 1928, which is the parent company of the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA). The company is headquartered in Atlanta, George, USA and the company is executed and controlled by the director who is the J. Hicks Lanier. The company is specialized in the replacements parts of the cars and many other industrial machines. The company is considered as the one of the largest Mexico’s automotive aftermarket organizations. 

SWOT Analysis of Genuine Parts Company


• The company is very much strong and focused in the production of the innovative techniques in the various products.

• The strong diversification portfolio in the company is experienced as in case of the business concern.

• The performances of the sales taken by the company are very appropriate and are of strong nature.

• The higher and balanced reputation of the company is in the market as regarding to kits financial position.

• A very wide and extensive network for the production is experienced by the company.

• The company is very much strong in the bottom line performance that increases the demand. 


• The company is facing decrease in the market share as because of the declined financial position of the company.

• The again and again demand regarding the retarded product of the company is treated as the weakness.

• The overdependence of the country upon the various line of customer and on to the specific distribution channels.

• The issues related to the lawsuit and proceedings that weaker the position of the company in the market.

• The technological aspects related to the company are very weaker that declines the factor of production in the market. 


• The various sorts of the strategies should be developed by the company in order in case of having recognition by the market.

• The improving and rising expenditures in the United States that can improve the sales of the company.

• The strategies and plans for the alliances and the agreements is the opportunity for the company to maintain the better position in the market.

• The exposures of high quality technology increases and enhance the level of production in the market.

• The financial position of the company can be built better in order to improve the shares in the market and to overcome the debt issues also.

• The statements should be developed by the company regarding the issues of the budget decline and deficit.


• The pressure related to the factor of prices is faced by the company that decreases the rate of profitability.

• A lot of cost issues are taken as the threat for the company that affects the cost of production.

• The factors related to the fluctuation of the currency and the money market is the threat for the company.

• The violation and breach of the contracts is faced by the company due to the several issues in market that declines the position of the Genuine Parts Corporation.


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