Tesla SWOT Analysis

This is the detailed SWOT analysis of Tesla which cover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company.

Tesla, the name arrives first from the Scientist Nokola Tesla, which was  originated back in 2003. Martin Eberhar, Marc Tarpenning and Ian wright are discussed many times to be the real founder of Telsa Motors. The actual problem was that they could not take the start by making a cheap electric cars, which would have been cost them a lot. So they decided to take start with an expensive sports car name “The Roadster”. In total 2500 Roadster were produced by that time and were sold out, so it’s hard to purchase a new one now. They are also working to design the third cheapest electric car which is under development and will probably launch in 2015.


• The CEO Elon Musk has earlier founded companies like PayPal and SpaceX, so he has a good track record.

• Elon Musk (CEO) Telsa Motors says that Telsa is more like a special force just like Navy. As the Special Forces just recruit the amongst available so does Telsa Motors really do.

• Telsa can really design the best quality cars. Model S which won the 2013 Trend’s  car of the year award, this competition started in 1949, so to them the Model S might be the best and safest car ever as far as crash tests were concern.

• A general thought is that Telsa is designing their cars in Detroit which is actually not the case but it’s actually California. Electric cars are more like a hybrid between the computer and the gasoline car, which can find the best computer also an electrical engineer in California. That specific is more innovative than Detroit.


• Elon Musk is currently working as CEO and CTO of spaceX and also as a CEO to Telsa Motors that seems quite a busy schedule which also seems so difficult to look for a new CEO. Before Elon Musk become the CEO of Telsa, the company had to fire one of their CEO out of two they were having, and for that they have interviewed about 20 people. 

• One of the biggest weakness Telsa Motors are just selling electric cars, about which the people are very suspicious. To handle the situation, Telsa Motors start beginning to build Telsa Stores. So that people can visit all these stores and could learn why the electric cars belong to the future.


• An obvious fact is that the world is going to short of Oil. Since the prizes of oil are increasing very fast and that’s because of the short and limited supply, more people will be attracted towards electric cars.

• Daimler and Toyota have decided to buy electric vehicle technology from Tesla Motors, and more auto manufacturers may decide to do the same.

• The fact is that people are more conscious about the environment and real fact is that Oil are mostly comes from troublesome countries too.

• Elon Musk is also CEO of spaceX that is a company having long term goals to reach Mars. Giving an interview Elon Musk says “Telsa Motors are potential and well enough to be the first to transport on Mars”


• Day to day more auto manufacturers are launching new environmental friendly vehicles. Considering that these companies  are bigger and larger then Telsa Motors but they do not have strong financial resources, thus they have a better chance to survive longer then Telsa Motors incase if the prices of oil does not increase in future.

• These electric vehicles are very expensive  and expectedly a new recession, as it was back in 2008 and it may limit the demand.

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