SWOT Analysis of YMCA

The YMCA is established for the young men Christian and this association is working for their betterment and creates the cultural, attitudinal and behavioral changes. It has its own philosophy and it is provided with different and attractive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats, which they face. They need to have the analysis, which is conducted as under:


• It serves the people of different age groups, capabilities and backgrounds

• It is strong association and have file and brand position

• It adopts no turn away policy

• It set the child care fee at mid point

• Provides with extensive facilities with pools

• It conducts staff surveys, which can show satisfaction with service and have enough commitment

• New member and participants require one source

• Makes new partnerships with community and corporate

• Offers camping and outdoor education and enjoy good reputation

• To support other families, it offers property to sell

• Make partnership with teachers or unite to work after school program


• Limited growth opportunity of adults

• Increase of competition with other companies

• BHY location is not good and in bad condition

• Enhances costs with its new specialized programs

• In each facility, different programs are offered

• Consistent low child care subsidies

• Faces economical and operational inefficiencies in every facility

• CEO works on the financial stability and give no revenue when work with each facilities manager

• In each facility, different types of programs are offered

• Unhappy staff with their level of wages

• Have fewer resources than others

• Senior and experience staff strained

• Different business models are offered in the program

• Camping facilities need to be improved

• The programs for camping and outdoor are not materialized

• Day camp programs are not initiated


• Start leader club and it can allow the kids to go out into the community and they also spend their time to help other people

• Start some mission trips

• When you do the counselor job, then you should help the kids and you can start such job in which children are involved

• Children learn to help others in the school and they learn to work for others


• The presence of other gyms can be the real threat for them

• People having no children, do not take interest in becoming member of this organization

• High price is charged from the clients

• Their prices can be disturbed during the days of recession

• Need to some improvement and make it competitive otherwise, they cannot survive any more.

• Low pay of staff is real threat for this business

• Lack of interest of people in its works

• Less number of camps during the day time, which can cause slowdown its pace

• Change of trends of its working, which need consistent improvement in it

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