RR Donnelly and Sons SWOT Analysis

The RR Donnelly and Sons was founded in 1864 which is based on the industry of commercial printing and the founder of the company was Richard Robert Donnelly. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The company is executed and controlled by the CEO, Tom Quinlan. In previous years the company made many acquisitions in order to expand the business.

SWOT Analysis of RR Donnelly and Sons



• The company is leading and holding the market with its full strength all over the world.

• The company has a very strong strength in case of the customers with their diversified services.

• The inorganic growth in sales and revenues is also experienced by the company which is considered as the advantageous factor.

• The company has a very strong presence across the world that increases the demand of the brands products.

• The wide range of products and services are offered by the company that developed the interest of the customers towards the brand.

• The company has developed very strong financial position by increasing the ratio of money in the reserves through the debts.


• As the company is based on the total paper work but the management regarding paper oriented offices is very weak.

• The factor of overdependence of the company towards the United States sometimes leads the company to the depression phase.

• The technology used by the company is very outdated that affects the level of productivity among the competitors.

• The financial issues of the company are raised to high because of the higher quantity of debts in order to raise money. 

• The innovative culture regarding the products and services is very weak that lacks the interest of the customers. 


• There is a lot of margin for the company in order to generate high quality of paper with better printing stuff.

• The more and more expansions should be made in case of the faculty in research and development sector of the company. 

• The day by day increase in the demand of the services related to the documents increase the growth factor in the company.

• The company can expand its core and key business wing across the world to have more and more increase in the sales.

• The more innovative, advanced and diversified technology is used by the company to increase the level of production.

• More mergers and acquisitions should be made by the company so that to expand the business. 


• The huge risk involved in the exchange of the currency that affects the rate of sales and revenues.

• The fluctuating price is an issue for the company because it increases the pressure in the market.

• Intense and tough competition is faced by the company by its competitors.

• Economical crisis and downturn in an economy decreases the growth and sales of the company.

• The government interventions in the company as through the implication of rules and regulations in case of politics and taxes etc.


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