ITT Corporation SWOT Analysis

ITT is the public oriented company based on the industry of conglomerate and was founded in 1995. The company is considered as the globally diversified company in the United States and its headquarter is situated in White plains, New York, United States. ITT Corporation is providing its products and services all over the world and the company is considered to be the world’s largest supplier of pumps, treat and control water, system to transport and many other fluids.
SWOT Analysis


• The ITT Corporation has a very strong position in the market as because of the supplying of the water pumps.
• The strong strategic alliance is there in the company that increases the growth of the company.
• The ITT conglomerate industry is well established and recognized in the market because of its performance.
• The financial position of the company is very strong that increases the demand from the customer’s because of market stability.
• The wide and expanded range of the products is introduced by the company that increase and grasp the attention of the customers towards the brand.


• The balance sheet position of the company is very weak that unstable the expenses performed by the customers.

• The existence of the company in the global market is very weak that decreases the sales of the company.

• The diversification strategies made by the company are very weak that limits the scope for the company in the market.

• The financial position of the company is over leveraged which make the firm weak in cases of the debts.

• The company has lack interest in the innovation of the products and for the expansions made in the business.


• The company should try to involve itself in the more and more new and fresh contracts that increase the reputational aspects for the company.

• The acquisition by the company should be made more strategically that increases the production of the company and sales as well.

• The different sort of strategic initiatives should be made by the company that increases the growth as by their implications.

• The company should establish its own online services so that orders can be easily received and customers can approach the brand easily.

• The balanced financial position should be maintained by the company as in order to increase or decrease the debts.


• The risk that is attained by the company as from the fluctuations experienced in the exchange rate that decreases the growth of the company.

• The cost of labor raised in the United States that increase the overall cost level involved in the production can profitability decreases.

• The major threat for the company is the resignation if the skilled and qualified persons from the company.

• The technology used by the company in the production unit is of the cheaper quality that decreases the level of production in the company.

• The intense competition is faced by the company from its competitors in the market.


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