Walt Disney SWOT Analysis

Walt Disney is the world largest media and entertainment company. It has been the famous brand in the entertainment industry.


• It is the largest media and entertainment company in the world.

• It has become one of the major Hollywood studios.

• Disney Company owns 11 theme parks and various channels.

• Disney employed 150,000 people.

• Employee generate and implement Innovative ideas

• Adopted Global Standards

• One of the names of popular brands in the world.

• It has also established the divisions of Walt Disney Studio Entertainment, Disney-ABC Television Group, Disney Interactive  Media Group, Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Interactive Studios.
• Increasing trends in total revenues and profits.

• Disney is U.S. $ 62,497,000,000 assets.

• Popular characters

• High brand awareness among the people.

• Adopted Differentiation Strategy

• The logo of Walt Disney is famous.

• Walt Disney was ranked 8th in the Top 100 Global Brands.


• High operating cost

• Frequent changes in senior management may harm the decision making

• The $ 1.8 billion park only have 16 attractions.

• Religion welfare groups protest against the release of material that was found offensive by many people.

• Poor working conditions in factories that produce their goods.

• Disney also been criticized by animal welfare groups for its procedure for care of animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Theme park.

• Poor management.

• Disney has been accused of sexual consequences or hidden references in some of its animated films, including The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Disney versions of the original Rescuers.

• High investment risk.

• Innovative ideas are required to maintain continuous care clients.

• Limited range of target mostly children.


• Move into different segments

• Proper inventory management is required to reduce operating cost

• Market development in undeveloped countries.

• Reduced operating costs.

• Disney Channel music

• Benchmarking to improve management practices.

• Disney management and training school

• Online Web Sites

• Develop more attractions for theme parks.


• Security threats due to terrorism

• Employee retention

• High competition in the media industry.

• Faced with fierce competition from Paramount Parks, Universal Studios and Six Flags theme parks.

• Social and ethnic groups.

• Government policies

• High market demand in terms of innovation.

• Increase wages and labor costs.

• Maintain product differentiation.

• Tight competition in domestic and international markets.

• Search, payment and retaining innovative people

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