SWOT Analysis of Peter Kiewit Son’s

The Peter Kiewit Sons Corporation was founded in 1884 by the two Kiewit brothers. The company is run and owned by the President and CEO, the Bruce Grewcock and the company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The company is based on the private industry of construction and mining and is considered as the one of the largest contractors as known by the world. The company is also engaged in the operations of projects from the residential level to commercial development.


• The company has very strong and diversified business portfolio that distinct it from its competitors.

• The market presence of the company in the market is the strength for the company that leads the company to its success.

• A lot of opportunities related to the employment and training are present in the company. 

• The well structured network facilities in the company lead the construction business to the boom.

• The company is engaged in the business of the private sector as with the fulfillment of the demands about the commercial areas constructions.

• The company has a very strong position in attaining the raw material that is needed in case of the construction.


• The major weakness of the company is it’s over dependence factor in the selected area of the work.

• The issue related to the natural environment is the disadvantageous for the company to succeed.

• The training provided to the employees of the company is the factor that decreases the efficiency in work.

• The accomplishment of the large size contracts is difficult for the company in order to allocate them.

• Sometimes due to poor management different aspects of procedures and processes are not clearly defined.


• The company can mature the water infrastructure as in the countries like United States.

• The phase of recovery should be experienced by the company in case of the construction industries present in United States.

• The more construction opportunities will be developed as with the boom of the private housing sector.

• The flexible and friendly technology should be used in order to have the well training programs as that are given to the company employees.

• The company should increases its financial balance so that to have better opportunities in the business of construction.


• The increasing costs due to the increasing wages of the employees in the company as in the United States.

• A lot of risk factors are involved in the improvement and leading as compared to the competitors.

• The affect of the political issues aroused in the company and that decreases the motivation towards the promotion of new strategies and plans.

• The weak infrastructure related to the competitors is the threat for the company in case of the customers demand.

• The economical situations and conditions affect the company adversely as on the construction sector.

• Instability as in the long term projects is the factor of declining the expansion of the company.


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