SWOT Analysis of EMCOR Group

EMCOR Group is eminent name is business of construction and necessary infrastructure. EMCOR group is listed in Fortune 500 best companies of US. The company was established in 1966 as Jamaica Water Projects Inc. Nowadays, headquarter of the company is located in Connecticut USA.  EMCOR group also trade in New York Stock Exchange as EME. Total numbers of employees working in EMCOR group is above 25,000.The company has acquired total revenue of $5.5 billion in year 2011. EMCOR group offers excellence in mechanical and electrical construction along with LEED construction, life safety products, Design and build services, energy infrastructure and facilities services.  


• Strategic acquisition of various facilities such as Poole & Kent based in Baltimore in 1999.

• In 2003 EMCOR purchased Siemens’s project of facilities management that enhance its scope of projects.

• The acquisition of California HVAC system in 2007 expands the business of EMCOR group.

• EMCOR group further enhance its business with purchase of heat tube exchanger and shell manufacturer known as Ohmstede limited.

• EMCOR360 is one of key projects of EMCOR group released in 2008. EMCOR360 is a product used for facilities management.

• EMCOR group exhibit strong community presence with its involvement in various community projects such as EMCOR Pink Hard hat program, Taking Kid Safety to the street and ACE mentor program for America.

• EMCOR holds powerful corporate identity.

• The strong presence of company across value chain ensures sustainable growth of company.

• EMCOR group emphasize on standards of quality and safety and also initiate Life zero accident program.

• EMCOR group is one of leading mechanical construction and electrical company United States and Europe.

• 75% of Fortune 500 companies are clients of EMCOR Group.

• Increasing focus on research and development along with latest technologies.


• With the reduced backlog of orders company may deal with complicated scenarios.

• Reduced number of clients in markets other than US.

• EMCOR group exhibit high dependency on projects with fixed price contracts.

• The decrease in financial performance can affect revenues of company.


• EMCOR should explore field of renewable energy and incorporate new technology for this purpose.

• High prospects of growth are there for EMCOR group in sector of nuclear power.

• EMCOR should also explore emerging fields of alternative fuel resources.

• Exploring emerging markets of world such as India and China can enhance the scope of business in other parts of world.


• EMCOR group has to compete with strong rivals in different segments such as Comfort Systems USA Inc, Integrated Electrical Inc, Johnson Controls Inc and General contractors.

• Varying environmental regulations also affect the performance of company.

• As supply of skilled craft professionals is reducing day by day thus, it affects the production power.

• Fluctuating prices of fuel affect the cost of products however, dependency on fixed price contracts influence the profits of company.

• Concentration on limited area of work can restrict the growth of company.


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• Official website of company:  http://www.emcorgroup.com/ Retrieved 4th November 2012.

• News releases by official website: http://www.emcorgroup.com/news_2012 Retrieved 4 November, 2012.

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