SWOT Analysis of LEGO

Lego group is well known for the manufacturing of toys for the children. This is the leading company for the making of toys of the children in anything, which can be possible. These toys are suitable for the children having age from 3 to 15 years and the children belong to middle and upper class, can afford to buy them. The SWOT analysis of the brand can show the perfect design and style of the business, which this company is doing.


• This company prepares such toys having the educational features, which can help them in developing the key skills in the young children

• This toy brand prepares the toys, which are being exhibited in more than 55 countries

• Having strong product portfolio

• It can encourage the goal oriented play and the toys for solving problem skills

• The cars are prepared from automoblox range and they give the modern technique for car assembly to the children

• Lego based theme parks are prepared which are the popular tourists destinations

• These toys and other products are advertised on TVCs and they can also give the extensive advertising to the people

• This company has also prepared various video games, and diversified into the TV and movies and merchandise

• Characteristics that make it possible to bring good impact

• It gives personal qualities of knowledge, business premises, healthy finances, business partner and concept and adoption of new technology


• Lack of knowledge about core area

• Out of the way premises of the company

• There is no future of this business concept

• Lack of marketing and limited use of technology

• There is any issue of imitation of the products or toys and the brand name is also used

• Intense and strong competition of the toys in different brands

• There is consistent loss of market share on the provision of online games


• Look for new customers and attract their attention

• Increase the growth rate of the toys

• Need to grow new trends and technology

• Use of network for effective supply of the products in the new and emerging markets

• It is necessary to organize competition in schools to grow attention of children in their games and toys

• The company can diversify it into various other segments

• They can carry out different branding exercises in order to get newer segments

• Look for new markets and introduce these games or toys to more and more children and get their attention over these toys


• Customers can move down or close down the work

• Decreasing the purchasing power of the clients due to incessant increase in rate of the toys

• Disintegration of the networks

• New legislation can hinder their progress

• Start of video games in different shops or online

• Various cartoon channels are initiated

• Other companies launch their own toys and games

• Outdoor games hinder its progress

• Use of internet as it keeps the kids busy over it

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