SWOT Analysis of Booz Allen Hamilton Holding

Booz Allen Hamilton holdings is one of most distinguished professional consultation company providing services to various government agencies for smooth operation in US. It provides technology integration and management consultation services to government sector such as defense, civil and security sector and other institutions and organizations. The services offered by the company include system engineering, technology incorporation, organizational change, management and strategies development, program management, logistic management, supply chain, modeling simulation and consultation service in operations. Headquarters of the company is located in McLean Virginia and it is successfully carrying out its operations since 1914. The number of employees owned by Booz Allen Company is 25,000 and company has incurred revenue of more than $5 million in 2011.


• Booz Allen Hamilton offers wide range of services with broad portfolio of products for clients.

• Booz Allen established strong relationship with government agencies such as the Federal Aviation administration, the internal revenue service and the Department of Defense.

• Booz Allen enables its clients to meet with emerging technologies and fulfill their need accordingly.

• Management consultation services offered by company ensure the growth and success of clients.

• Separation of Booz Allen Hamilton from Carlyle group enhances the position of company.

• Strong presentation of company is also strength of Booz Allen Hamilton Holdings.

• The company of Booz Allen has more than 72 offices located internationally such as in countries like United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. 

• Company has imparted strong ethical business standards for its wide spread operations.

• Booz Allen is also listed in list of Working Mother 100 best companies.

• The company also listed as one of best consultation company of the year in the magazine name “Consulting.”

• For concern regarding improvements of employees the company has received Helio’s HR Apollo award.

• Booz Allen presents insights with its various publications such as foreign affairs, cyber crime reports and about latest technologies such as cloud infrastructure.

• Booz Allen operated internationally in countries of Middle East and North Africa.

• Various civilian agencies also benefits from services of Booz Allen that include health institutions, energy and environment sector, financial departments, law enforcement agencies, transportation, homeland security and international development and diplomacy.


• The extreme dependency of company on projects of government agencies is one of biggest weaknesses of company.

• The company of Booz Allen Hamilton operates in limited geographic regions that also limit its revenue and growth.


• Booz Allen can enhance its business with long term contracts with companies of other private sector.

• Exploring new emerging markets of Asia can also benefit profits of company.

• Booz Allen Hamilton can also enhance its community presence by participating in welfare activities.

• With strong research and development Booz Allen can explore latest technology and can introduce more innovative solutions.


• Booz Allen has to compete with strong rivals such as Accenture plc, Deloitte consulting LLP, The Boston consulting group, Navigant consulting and SRA international Inc.


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