SWOT Analysis BB & T Corporation

In 1872, the BB & T Corporation was founded with the industry based on the industry of investment, finances and insurance. The company is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States and the services of the company are controlled by Kelly S. King who is the chairman and CEO of the company. The company is involved in providing the services of commercial banking and investment banking and is operating in the countries of Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington, D.C, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Texas and few more. 

BB & T Corporation Strengths

• The company has strong position in the market with attaining the top 10 ranks in the US financial holding services.

• The company acquires and merges a lot of businesses as it is shown from its strong history that can attract the customers in order to invest and other objectives.

• The company is well established and strong in order to grasp the attention of the people by offering products and opportunities for their benefits.

• The company has strong growth rate in the selling of products and also getting hold on the rate of the customers.

• A lot of benefits are provided to the BB & T Corporation nationwide from the mortgage markets of UK.

• The corporation is supported by the HBOS Company which provides the financial benefits.

BB & T Corporation Weaknesses

• The products that are offered by the company are in limited variety and the competitors take out the benefit from that.

• The services provided to the customers are not strong and effective because customers are there with different question marks.

• BB & T Corporation is facing extremely intensive and demanding market as regarding its competitors.

• Huge challenges are faced by the company in the residential level that demands to replace the damaged and non performing assets.

BB & T Corporation Opportunities

• There is an opportunity for the company to cross sells its products and services that increase the demand of the brand by the customers.

• Repay the finances and taxes to the government and purify the factors that are related to the strained nonperforming assets.

• Possibilities to develop and expanding the existence of the various sectors in the HBOS that leads the company to extreme advantages in terms of profits.

• The company might improve the rates that are provided and paid to the customer against certain financial policies.

BB & T Corporation Threats

• With the stagnant growth in the product development the company might to leave or lose the platform for its competitors.

• The street banks are imposingly leading the market due to the production of high net operations that lacks the performance of the BB & T Corporation.

• Due to the strong competition the market shares may also be declined because of the instability in the financial position of the company.

• The unfavorable collision that is faced by the company due to the downfall and crisis in the economy of the U.S that depress the invention of the credit cards.


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