SWOT Analysis of Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch is an international brewing and beverage Company which is headquartered in Leuven, city of Belgium. It is the largest company around the globe with almost 25% share in the market and according to the Food Moving Consumer Good it is world’s 3rd largest company on very dense value. In 2010 according to the report AB has fourteen trademarks and these trademarks on their own produce more than 1 billion US dollars annually in incomes out of more than 200 ranges. The collection of the brands includes Corona,  Beck’s and Brahma, Stella Artois, less significant multi-country varieties are like Leffe and Hoegaarden Alexander Keith’s, , and local brands such as Spaten, Löwenbräu, Hasseröder, Bud Light,  Quilmes Skol, ,  Cass, Harbin, Jupiler and recently they have obtained Presidente beer from Dominican Republic. The total annual income from all the brands of Anheuser Busch was more than 36 billion US dollars


• They have a leading position in the market, due to which they are now an international company. 

• Their production line is very strong, and this is the reason why their brand is known all over the world.

• They are much concerned about the making of their brands. These capabilities make them one of the leading brands around the globe.

• They came up in the market when there was no such other beverage making industry in the country.


• Their concentration in the market is low. And this is the only reason why their customers are moving to other brands.

• The trust on wholesalers is one of the major negative point about the company.

• Anheuser Busch is having a problem in making the sufficient amount of beverages needed.

• People have taken on the truth that due to some reasons this company is producing an imperfect amount of beer or beverages when it is needed the most.


• By growing beer consumption in China, they will do more business. As China is one of the emerging countries and is a well named IT country, this will definitely help their business to expand internationally.

• Joining hands with other companies and setting up the business in other countries, will led them to have strong sponsor ship and life time agreements.

• By focusing on other drinks, they will increase their brand and in doing so their market shares will increase.

• They can also run their business directly through the computers. So that the clients can be connected with them.


• If some other beer Brewer Companies unites together, than this will be really challenging for Anheuser Busch to survive in the market.

• The rise in the prices of the raw materials which are used in the manufacturing will result in the decrease of their production.

• The change in the preferences is also another big risk for the company.

• If they ever drop their real image in the market than it is going to be real hard for them to keep up the position in the present market.


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