SWOT Analysis of Vitamin Water

Vitamin water SWOT analysis covers the internal and external environmental factors. These factors have positive and negative factor on Company’s position however, the balance could be maintained by covering the weaknesses with strengths and reduce the impact of threats by the provided opportunities.


• Strong brand positioning in the market.

• The labeling and printing on the bottles are very creative which is found to be the appealing feature for its consumers.

• One of the fastest leading water bottled brand to be known in the industry.

• A strong online presence with the same creative brand outlook.

• The brand contains 15 functional varieties combined with unique nutrients.

• Vitamin Water’s candy color design has the most demand amongst the consumers for its impactful design and creative advertisements.

• Diversified flavor available unlike other water bottled brands.

• Each bottle has 125 calories.

• It has Strong market share.

• Creative advertising campaign and its market positioning as a fun, trendy and healthy drink is one of the successful reason for the recognition of the brand.


• The Vitamin water is criticized for being an unhealthy beverage and presents a deceiving image for the consumers.

• Less advertising of products in other 50 demographic regions.

• An 8 ounce serving contains only 66 calories where the actual serving size is 2.5 that contain a total of 165 calories.

• Fluctuation in demand can fade away the brand image.

• 33 grams of sugar in each bottle can create problems like obesity, diabetes and other health problems.

• More expensive compared to other enhanced water products.

• The brand is often times marketed to complement as weight loss regime. Even no- calorie vitamin water cannot be considered as healthy due to the artificial sweeteners added to develop a taste in the water.

• Mostly people prefer to buy natural water compared to vitamin water.


• The brand has to adopt a strong market extension strategy in order to gain a competitive advantage over other rival successful brands like PepsiCo.

• Usually competition in the flavored water market is very low so this can be an advantage for the brand.

• Since 2007 the demand for soda drinking has been declining as people now prefer to buy healthier drinks.

• Due to more health awareness the consumers will be more willing to buy the brand for health and wellness factors to other carbonated or enhanced water drinks.

• The brand can create a strong market position in Russia partnering with ELBRUS MINERAL WATERS LTD, one of the leading water brands in Russia. The brand can have a greater opportunity of growth due to disposable income and poor quality of tap water available in the country.


• Competitors like Aquafina and Pepsico are a big threat to the company as they are one of the leading brands in the world since 2003.

• A lawsuit has already been filed against the brand for promoting obesity, diabetes and other health problems.

• The product is not environmental friendly as people are now recycling plastic bottles ,therefore the brand has to reconsider to make its plastic bottles environmental friendly.

• Economic crisis can have an adverse effect on the brand when people will prefer to consume only natural water to drink.

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