Land O’ Lakes SWOT Analysis

The Land O Lake is the agricultural cooperative based on the dairy industry that was founded in 1921.  The company’s headquarter is in the Arden Hills, Minnesota, U.S. the company is engaged is producing and selling the services and products like butter and cheese. The company is ranked at second in the National Cooperative Bank and is one of the largest producers of the chesses and butter in the United States.

SWOT Analysis of Land O’ Lakes



• The company has very strong and dominant position in the market that leads the company to its higher success.

• Prerequisites made by the company in case of the services are very strong that cover all the management work of the company. 

• The business portfolio of the company is very strong and wide and the company is also engaged in the diversification of the business.

• The company has a very strong balanced position in the production of the dairy products industry.

• Different segments are made by the company so that to have enhancement in the diversification of the brand portfolio. 


• The major weakness of the company is its dependence upon the several distributors and suppliers existing in the market.

• The charges on the misbalance and impairment are raised in the market that decreases in the efficiency of the work.

• The return paid on the shareholders investment is very low that states the instability of the company in the market.

• The technological aspects to the production sector are negatively as because of no innovations and renewable. 


• The advanced and more innovative products should be produced by the company in order to attain the attention and interest of the customers.

• The company should try to improve the skills in case of grasping the market in order to attain the opportunities in the dairy growth.

• The different innovative and diversified structures and strategies should be made by the company so to have command in the market.

• The company should try to expand and enhances its dairy products and services that become the factor of strong growth.

• Different strategies and plans should be made by the company in order to achieve its goals and objectives effectively.

• The few sorts of medications are invented in the company and market that decreases the risk factor in the produce goods.


• The higher risk involvement as regarding the diseases that are entered in the company especially in the dairy product that decreases the growth of the company.

• The harsh and difficult rules and regulations are imposed to be implemented that decreases the efficiency of the work.

• The sudden changes in the prices in the market affect the sales and cost of the production sector.

• The intense competition is faced by the company as there are better brands in the production of dairy products.

• The technology used by the company in the dairy productions is very cheap in quality that affects the growth of the company.


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