SWOT analysis of Kodak

The photographic industry was brought in the United States by the French in 1839; it was in the year 1880 that Eastman requested and did copyright the machine to mass bring into being the dry plate required before taking a photograph. The name of Kodak was born in 1888, after decades of governing the photographic industry, Kodak is now giving out its market to two other most important companies, Agfe-Gevaer, from the bayer cluster in Germany, and Fuji photo film, from Japan.

Kodak Strengths

• Kodak is identified in favor of bringing high-quality brands to its client, which permissible it to be paid its character.

• Kodak is capable of influence the standard people in using technological implement like their cameras.

• It serves an extensive assortment of consumers, via its giving out strategy of cuisine not just to those paying attention in photography but they can also attract commonplace clients, via their promotional movements and recompense.                

Kodak Weaknesses

• Even though film is a grown-up brand, it has a comparative enlargement, even if it creates benefit for Kodak

• Kodak has been negligent in watching out for micro and macro surroundings brands that are able to have an effect on company and its incomes.

• Kodak company moreover got the wrong idea about the quick technical progress that possibly will have easily out-of-date its brands.

• It may have the principal market place in its home area, and approximately half in Europe, but it has comparatively weak name in Asia.         

Kodak Opportunities

Kodak grown-up’s step, the motion picture industry is by now well-establish industry with mass market place, the competition between the resident compacts, including Kodak, has been described and there be a high-quality competition between them.

• The dealers and the purchasers are comparatively weak to organize the market forces of the company.

• Kodak has still the manufacturers that read out the cost and competition in the film industry.

• Kodak can still stand in advance of other while it comes to the film industry. 

• It has also been capable of take a new direction to imaging, aside from photography and its foodstuffs.

• Publicity now is not just incomplete to the Kodak girl and the yellow trade dress, so there is now the internet which more citizens have access.

Kodak Threats

• The strongest threat that forerunner survive well thought-out for the film industry is the quickly rising market section of the digital replacements.

• Internet is a first-class channel for encouraging the company and its services and products, it is too a cause of threat for Kodak.

• The quick growth of skill and the development of the internet might cause the film photography to develop into out of date and be point out from the market place.

• And with the propagation of cellular phones and the individual digital assistants (PDAs), is the decline of the customary process of photography.


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