SWOT analysis of Anixter International

Anixter International Inc. (Anixter) is a worldwide selling company of connections and electrical wire and cable products, fasteners and “C” Class inventory workings to contractors, installers, integrators and end users. In near the beginning 1970s, Anixter resolute that if it wanted the business to develop it would have to reach out outside of its center client base of distributors and wholesalers and reach out to the end-users of wire and cable. As the ’70s continued, the requirement for wire and cable sustained to rise. To meet the demand, Anixter became a worldwide company when Anixter United Kingdom was shaped in 1972.  Beside with its subsidiaries the corporation sells a wide range of communications products used to bond individual computers, unimportant equipment, processor equipment and safety equipment. The company hits a wide range of buyer base, including developing, telecommunications, internet service providers, investment, instruction, healthcare, transport, utilities, aerospace and guard and government, as a strong source of revenue (Barney, 1995). It has strong worldwide occurrence in more than 50 countries across the globe. In August 2008, Anixter acquired the resources and process of QSN Industries, Inc. Anixter also acquired all the shares of Quality Screw de Mexico SA.



• Anixter International came out in the market to sell their first product, when there were no other opponents in the marketplace allowing them to set their business in an unbeatable time.

• By selling their product in the market they got an immense response from their customers. And in the mean of time they became the International Company.

• Anixter has integrated a broad variety of green practices in many of its offices and supplied services to diminish waste, boost power effectiveness and encourage recycle-able property.



• Anixter International is having a problem providing the sufficient supplies to their customers.

• The major reason for the client displeasure is that Anixter’s failure in bringing their new and advanced products in the market.

• Buyers have taken it to the truth that Anixter only buy a flawed amount of new discharge right away, choosing to stay behind the exceptionality of weak to purchase the size of its provided inferior products.

• But the entrance of the new companies it is very hard for Anixter to maintain its image in the market.



• Distributing their products directly to the computers so that the clients can buy them online is an uprising for them.

• Fortunately for Anixter, this service is based on pre-screening.

• Through "Quality Labs", Anixter Fasteners provides regular check up of customers’ goods, full metallurgical evaluations and failure investigations.


• Buy the entrance of the new companies in the market, there is a chance of strong competition ahead.

• If Anixter were about to drop their image, it will be very hard for them to face it in the market place for their continuous existence in the market.

• There is a threat for them to lose their customers if they are charging their products too high.


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