Yahoo SWOT Analysis

Yahoo is a well known website that is popular mostly regarding the consumers of Australia (for advertisers as well). Enlisted in NASDAQ as YHOO, hold the position of bringing services to magazine to online advertising. The search and communications section is also viable.


• Renowned Brand in the world of the internet.

• Draws the majority of the stream income from advertising business on the net (same as google’s Adsense).

• It has above 350 million users regarding its services.

• It is known as a powerful marketing company as well.

• Ranked in the top 5 of ‘Most Popular Websites on the Internet’.

• Expansion in different nations, by assuming their culture and language.

• The directory service serves as the main function that users get the most information from regarding anything.

• It has partnered with Getprice which will create new online comparisons regarding new business solutions.

• Has unique presence in Australia both as in consumers as well as having business partners.

• The Lifestyle brand increased the audience by 9.1% in the current scenario.

• Flickr, a side business of Yahoo, stands at no. 2 in Photography subcategory, which has over one million unique users.

• Yahoo Answers also maintains at no. 2.

• Strong employee base.

• Strong value attached to the name Yahoo regarding the environment of the office.


• Differentiating services are lacked as the website business holds no firm barriers for new entrants.

• The packages and the services that Yahoo offers are also offered by other services providing sites such as MSN & Google.

• Yahoo, MSN, Google; all three use online advertisements as their income stream generators which makes the competition tough.

• Since the future is masked with uncertainty due to the innovative technological advancements, the firms are surely to be thrown off balance if they do not succeed to blend in with the new technology that will be available.

• The partners hold a temporary weakness that will affect Yahoo if they were to leave the firm.


• The expansion to newer markets is yet to be tapped (India, China).

• SMEs use valid directory advertising that Yahoo can attach to itself regarding these SMEs.

• Technology plays a vital role; Yahoo should adapt to the changes and innovate considering the trend of the new generation that is going mobile. (mobile softwares and directories etc).

• Yahoo can place its services and solutions at mobile length in the future.


• Competition is intense and low cost along with huge profitable ventures attracts investors.

• Cultural aspects can be accounted for diluting the image in the international market.

• Domesticated services can leave a serious scar on international ventures like Yahoo.

• Social networking sites are working as advertisement markets which is stealing the share of other traditional online advertisers like Yahoo.


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