SWOT Analysis of First Data

The first data corporation is a private firm and was founded in 1969 which is based on the industry of financial services. The company is owned by the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and the company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The functions and services of the company are executed and controlled by the Jon Judge who is the CEO of the brand. The products and services performed and offered by the company are the financial services.

First Data SWOT Analysis


• The product portfolio of the company is placed at very strong position with diversification level of its products.

• The growth in the revenue of the company is increasing with steadily that made the company with great strength.

• The company has strong position in the market due to the number of shares present in the market with the name of the brand.

• The contracts of the company are renewed as with the new opportunities available in the market.

• The company has very strong diversified portfolio of the business in order to have the expansions and improvement in the business.


• The strong level of trust and reliability of the company on the Unites Nations is the weakness of the company.

• The drawback of the company is its litigations and cases enforces by the other companies or few customers that are dissatisfied with the company.

• The weak aspect of the company is its most generating revenues are attained from the United States.

• The company has lack of interest in the expansion and enhancement of the business especially in the countries abroad.

• The financial stability that is raised due to the debt of the company is the weaknesss in future aspects. 


• The different sorts of strategies and plans should be made by the company in order to increase the demand for the company in the market.

• The expansions of the brand should be made in the different areas of the world most appropriately in the Slovakia.

• Different projects should be launched in case of having more and more opportunities for the company for the renewal of the contracts.

• The several implementations should be made by the company for the stability in the market as by following different rules.

• The growth of the company should be improved by improving the contracts with the companies of telecommunication.


• The economical threats and slowdown globally is the negative aspect to the growth of the company and declined in the sales.

• The instant and continuous change in the technology decreases the growth and efficiency of the working strategies.

• The threats received by the company that are most probably the computer generated becomes the reason for the stagnant growth.

• The fluctuations found in the rate of exchange in international market are the major threat regarding the reputation of the company.

• Improvements that are made in the industry of software’s decrease the interest of the company towards the brand.


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