SWOT Analysis of XIAOMI

Xiaomi is the China based leading and popular electronic company, which is busy in manufacturing mobile phones, tablets, HDTVs and wifi routers. This company has its headquarter in Beijing and it got success in the local market and now it is going to target the big markets of Russia, Indonesia, India and others to expand its business. It has introduced wide range of mobile phones and tablets, which are very economical for the low income groups. This company uses the resources of social media group rather than electronic or print media for the transfer of their information about its products. The professionals from other leading companies joined it, which enhanced its workforce and it got success in short time. The analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats has been carried out.


• Having skilled and experienced workforce in which the professionals from other leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Kingsoft, Yahoo are also included

• Have high profitability and it generates revenue successfully

• It has competent and experienced business units

• Have current distribution and sales networks to expand its business to new existing markets

• Having mobile internet in smart phones and added with mission impossible

• Have seven service centers in Malaysia

• Most economical selling price and have quality material

• Added with strong management team and has direct consumer sales

• Use word of mouth advertising rather than other sources

• Having high end specifications and low end price

• Provides presentation in slides of 95 minutes in English language

• It is world third distributor busy in selling smart phone


• Having low profitability in future

• Problem in competition in future

• Problem in maintaining its quality

• Lack of consistency in bringing more and more professionals in the company, who can guarantee its success

• Lack of enough technical staff to carry on their electronic work and introduce new and fresh specifications in it


• Can maintain their business with the maintenance of their income level at the constant speed

• Explore new and existing markets to expand the exhibition of their products

• Look for new and emerging global markets to exhibit their products on the new horizons of electronic technology

• Consistently introduction of new specifications and application in the smart phone at the highly subsidized rate, which can increase its income

• Make it more attractive with slim size and have less weight


• Young population within and outside country

• Internet users

• Female using smart phones

• Faces strict government regulations and impose it on the manufacturing and transportation of their products

• Constant increase in the rates of their interests

• Faces constant changes in the price

• Constant competition as various experienced and professional companies are present in market

• Social media marketing is becoming popular but it is still under developing and it takes time to get success in online business

• Other companies provide new specifications on most economic rates

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