Enron SWOT Analysis

Motivation and promoting the company is the basic aim of Enron. The main aim of the organization is to be of the world’s largest and well known energy company. Enron look like to be able to completing their mission and build a huge among of assets. The company had strong control over the organization management and production, which gave them a big opportunity for uprising in late 1990’s. The company maintain its name and seems that they can do nothing wrong.

Enron Strengths

• Enron is on of the biggest natural gas pipeline system company operates in United State of America. The rank of Enron is seven among the 500 companies which establish its name due to its reliability.

• Enron give awareness to its entire consumer which also causes its name as brand.

• As Enron is one of the biggest companies which supply energy thus it has several advantages over its competitor. 

• Along with energy level supply the company also has advantage by keeping the price reasonable and the service which they provide.

Enron Weaknesses

• The company has several weakness, they have lack of fair and truthful activities on the employee’s side.

• The employee of Enron act very unethical and some time very wrongful acts are conducted by the worker.

•The company management system has also face with a lot of problems, for example they have very less control over their employees.

• As conflict among the management and employee side causes many errors in the transaction.

• Result is the main target of the company thus the hope of finance is quite high, but the employees were told on about losses of the company.

• As fake news is produced inside the company thus it decreases in the loyalty of the employees of the organization.

Enron  Opportunities

• The main opportunity which Enron has is its name and brand.

• One of the good point of Enron has that is name is well known in the market as energy provider.

• Enron can take many advantages for expanding there products as they are the main supplier of gas pipeline and many other material goods related to it.

• In 1970’s deregulation of energy occur in the market which allows Enron to rise and starts business in the market.

Enron Threats

• Enron face a lot of threats as the internal environment is not too good.

• As there is lack of trust among the employees the company, thus faces threats from the competitor’s side is increased.

• The competitors’ have a great opportunity and thus they have appropriate chance if they make partner to join them, thus they can take away the profit of the organization.

• From new technology and surveys people and different organization are in search of different materials which they can be used instead of oil and gas. If the market is once again regulated so there are a lot of chance that the company business will start are can damage the profit of the organization a lot.


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