SWOT Analysis of Public Service Enterprise Group

In 1903, the company was founded in Newark, New Jersey, U.S that is the Public Service Enterprise Group which is most commonly known as the PSEG. The company is based on the utility industry of oil and electricity. The company is operated by the key people those are chief executive officer Ralph Izzo, the CFO Caroline Dorsa and the GC R. Edwin Selover. The company is holding the subsidiaries of PSEG power and energy holdings.

Public Service Enterprise Group SWOT Analysis

Public Service Enterprise Group Strengths

• The public service enterprise group is working under the strong power generating business portfolio which examines the company’s structure to success.

• The company is experiences the leading the position in the market as in case of the market share which are constantly increasing in the company.

• The appropriate services are provided to the customers as by differentiating the customers in different segments.

• In case of the regional barriers and hurdles, the company is attaining a very strong role and position in the economy.

Public Service Enterprise Group Weaknesses

• The company is totally depending upon the subsidiaries in order to meet the financials of the company.

• The company is financially unstable due to the increase in the debts in case of generating more money.

• The internal revenue service’s IRS disallowed the company to accomplish the benefits of the taxes which decreases the company revenues.

• The technological factors used by the company are very old structured and the new ones are not owned by the company because of the financial instability.

Public Service Enterprise Group Opportunities

• The investments should be made in the infrastructure of the organization which in results provides the efficiency benefits.

• The more and more renewable sources are used by the company so that it can generate maximum electricity with minimum costs. 

• The strategic initiatives and planning should be made by the organization so that the company put more emphasizes and focus on the core factors.

• Involvement of the nuclear expansions that improves the level of the jobs in the markets and full employment be practiced.

• Inventions and innovations of the battery powers so that to have less burden on the electricity supply.

Public Service Enterprise Group Threats

• Merger and acquisitions with the industry of the electricity utility of the North American countries.

• The crisis and affects of the environmental regulations and interventions which impacts negatively on the company.

• The reduction in the role of the government and freedom to the industry is the most important issue in the decline of the company.

• Increases in the price of the electricity that exceeds the level of the costs within the company.

• The slow down experiences in the economy directly affects the production of the goods and commodities within the company.

• Interventions of the rules and regulation of the government within the company can increases the risk in various factors and in causal business.


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