Progress Energy Inc. SWOT Analysis

The progress energy corporation was founded in the 1925 which was based on the industry of electric utilities. The company is headquartered in the Raleigh, Carolina, U.S. the company is controlled and executed by William D. Johnson who is the chairman and CEO of the company.  The company is engaged in the services performed with the two of the major utilities in the Florida and Carolina. Now a day’s company is working on the motto of “people, performance and excellence”.

SWOT Analysis of Progress Energy Inc.

Progress Energy Strengths

• The company has strong position in terms of the customers as it is experiencing the strong loyalty of the customers towards the brand.

• The management team of the company is very strong and efficient that leads the services of the company to known success.

• The company has strong enough position in case of providing hurdles and barriers to different regions to enter into the market.

• The company has strong position in the market as because of the shares of the brand present in the market.

• The balanced position is experienced by the company due to the financial stability in the economic environment.

Progress Energy Weaknesses

• The company has in lack of interest as related to the diversification of the business and brand portfolio.

• Matured sorts of products and services stated by the company are the weakness as because of no innovations customers lack their interest.

• The aspects of technology in order to provide the products and services are quite adverse that lacks in the rate of production and profitability as well.

• Intervention of the government policies decreases the factor of enhancement in case of diversification and improvement of the brand.

• The unstructured plans and strategies of the company is also the weak aspect.

Progress Energy Opportunities

• The company should take steps in the expansion of its business and emerging markets especially in the firms and industries abroad.

• The different sorts of product should be introduced by the company that will attract the attention of the customers.

• The expansions and enhancements should be made in case of the products and services produced and provided by the company.

• The concept implications should be enhanced more in generating the energy from the cars.

• The more and more consolidation should be made as with the factors that fulfill the utilities.

• The energies should be renewed with the passage of time so that the customer takes more interest in utilizing. 

Progress Energy Threats

• The external changes that are faced by the organization are the big issue as it involves government interventions, taxes and policies.

• The synchronization of the other brands is the threat for the progress energy corporation.

• Economical crisis and slowdown is the drawback for the company to increase the level of growth.

• The tough and intense competition is faced by the organization which declines the growth of the brand and decreases the profitability.

• The factors of the housing crisis and disasters affect the growth of the company badly.


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