Entergy Corporation SWOT Analysis

The Entergy Corporation is the company that is engaged in the production of the electricity power and was founded in 1949. The company is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana which is situated in the central district business. The company is engaged in the providing the services of electricity and natural gas in the places of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. The company is also involved in performing the operations of retail distributions.


• The company is placing very strong position in the market as because of the consumption of fuel power which is growing with the extreme high level.

• The strong aspect of the company is determined as it imposes hurdles and barriers for the regional factors to interfere in the company’s perspectives.

• The company is running a very stable business with the stability in the financial position in the market.

• The different sorts of inventions in the services are produced by the company that increases the growth at very high.

• The online growth of the company is also the stronger factor that also involves the perspectives of the marketing most commonly the advertisements about the products and services .


• The company has very weak range in the field of the research and development sector.

• The employees working in the company are very old that are weak also and lacks in the now a day’s skills to accomplish different tasks. 

• The infrastructure established by the company is inherited sought of stuff and there are seeing to be lack of improvement in the company growth.

• The Entergy Corporation is facing the phase of diseconomies to the scale that involve the interventions of the government and the economical sector.


• The company should try to enhance its position by involving the factor of the energy that should be renewable.

• The inventions should be made in the company as related to the battery powers that might increases in the growth.

• The more and more innovations produce by the Entergy Corporation as related to the utilization of the electricity in the various products like the electric cars.

• The company should try to involve the different companies, product lines and functional areas under one subject line so to have an expanded business that leads to the high level growth in the market.


• The involvement of the rules and regulation of the government as the changes in policies, taxes or politics are the threat for the company that enables the company to grow successfully.

• The factors of price wars also effect the growth as the company most of the time cannot attain the cost even and the company faces losses.

• The company is using the cheaper technology that affects the growth of the company and decrease the rate of profitability.

• As in the market the competitors regarding the company are of lower cost and also imposition on the imports is the major threat for the company.  


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