SWOT Analysis of GDF Suez S.A

GDF Suez is a French international electric service company which is headquartered in the 8th arrondissement in Paris. This company takes controls of department of natural gas, production and sharing of electricity and renewable power. The company was introduced on the 22 July of 2008 by the combination of Gaz de France and. The company holds risk about 35% in Suez Environment, the waste management and water Treatment Company spun off during the union of Suez. In August 2010, GDF Suez bought 70% of Britain’s International Power, forming the world’s largest self-governing utility company. In July 2012, the purchase of the remaining 30% was declared by GDF Suez in April 2012, and the deal was completed.


• A very large and different collection of generating power from various resources such as Solar, Biomass, Gas, Hydro, Nuclear, Coal and Wind.

• It is present in 70 countries across 5 continents, and has employed around 230,000 workers all over the world.

• Very large power generation capacity approx 120GW and

• It has a very large economical ability, if in case of any economic downfall they can survive. It is marked as number one industry in the part, Utilities by Forbes and Brand finance.

• More than 80%of their income comes from their industries working in the Europe.


• They are more alert especially in the Europe, and are less concerned about other countries. 

• One of the leading companies of Suez was fined after investigations for suspecting market manipulations.

• The major cause of client disapproval is Suez inability to totally make happy the first hurry.

• Suez normally has a trouble in providing enough amount of electricity or natural gas when it is needed.


• For a company like Suez there is a sufficient scope in India, Middle East, Africa and etc to set up their business and increase their customers.

• The demand of Nuclear power is increasing day by day if they complete their 3.6 GW plant in UK; they will be a number company around the globe.

• Distributing their services directly to computers of clients is probable to be the after that rising in how customers can contact with them online.

• They must unite with any emerging natural resource company to increase their business. And in doing so they will expand their business in the world.


• After the increase in gas rates they may face some financial loss, because the customers will not be purchasing any Gas due to rise in the prices.

• Every country has its own policy. Different Government policies in different countries other than Europe may affect their piece of work.

• The expansion in the business of their opponents globally may affect their present state in the market, and they might lose their position.

• Suez is not that much strong to fight with any leading company because they have just made a promising image. They will face some pressure from the companies.


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