SWOT Analysis of KBR Company

The Kellogg Brown and Root Company were founded in 1998, which is normally known as KBR. The company is based on the industry of construction, private military contractor and engineering. Headquarter of the company is in KBR Tower Down town Houston Texas and is operated by Bill Utt. In the United States the company KBR is considered as the one of the largest non union construction company.

KBR Company SWOT Analysis

KBR Company Strengths

• The KBR has a very strong position in order to have acquisition of firms and involving the joint ventures in the company.

• The presence of the company in the international markets is noticeable which is recognized that appears as its strength.

• There is a lot of demand for company as for its products and services by the customers that it comes up with healthy orders.

• The company is engaged in providing its services with the great strength as they are placing their work at very reasonable prices.

• The KBR com pay has very strong placement in the market as regarding its name and recognition of the brand.

KBR Company Weaknesses

• The major weakness in the aspect of the company is that they are not diversifying their businesses on the requirement of the customers.

• The company somehow came up with the bad reputation those results in the lawsuits and disputes within the organization.

• The company is attaining more finance then the requirement of the company that increases the debt due to which instability is developed in the market position.

• There is no innovation and invention by the company which reduce the demand for the company.

• The market shares of the KBR Company are decreasing in the market as compared to the competitors because of greater debts.

KBR Company Opportunities

• The company should try to improve their services as according to the requirement and interest of the customers.

• The more and more investments should be made by the company in the water plants and also in the sector of waste waters.

• Different sort of engineering equipments should be used in order to have the various factors of the renewable energy.

• The company should also try to invest most of the money in the establishment of the infrastructure.

• The service of the company should be promoted through the various ways of the marketing plans.

KBR Company Threats

• A very strong competition is faced by the company as from its competitors in various issues especially in the settlement of the prices against the services.

• The government rules and regulations that are intervened in the company are negatively effects the reputation of the company.

• The increase in the prices of the raw material is the great threat for the company as they are used in the process of construction.

• The growth of the company is also affected by the economical situations especially in the slowdown of the economy.

• The technology used in the production services and in the construction business of the cheaper technology.


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