SWOT analysis of Jacob’s Engineering Group

In 1947, the Jacob’s Engineering Group was founded by Dr Joseph J Jacob and is based on the industry of architecture, planning, construction, management and engineering. The company was headquartered in Pasadena, California, United states and is providing its services all over the world. Jacob’s engineering group is operated by the president and CEO of the company Craig L Martin. The company has more than 200 offices in almost 25 countries.              

Jacob’s Engineering Group SWOT Analysis


• The model built up by the company is strongly based on the business relationships.

• The company has very strong establishment in the research and development factors.

• The Jacob’s engineering groups has the strong features in attaining the loyalty of the customers like through quality, dependability and satisfaction etc.

• The company has very significant strength in maintaining the brand trust and brand image.

• The more and more innovation made by the company in the products attains the attention of the customers.

• The market position of the company is very strong as it leading the whole market with the strong presence of company’s shares.


• The company is more relying on the interventions of the federal government and whole depends upon their decisions.

• The lawsuits and the legal actions taken against the company is the main weakness in the perspective of growth.

• The acquisitions that are made for the enhancement of the business model went unsuccessful which was the drawback for the company.

• The instability was found in the financial position of the company because of the failure in the acquisitions of the assets.


• The company should try to improve the financial position which is possible by increasing the factors of debts.

• The expansions and merger should be done by the company especially in abroad in order to broaden the vision and increases the sales.

• The involvement from the environmental regulations should be valued that control the long term demand and also control the production of oil and gas.

• The development should be made in case of the products and services produced by the company.

• The company should try to spend more and more in the enhancing the structure of the company.

• The proper acquisitions should be made by the company so that they can be utilized appropriately for production.


• The main threat for the company is the competition faced in the market through its tough and strong competitors.

• The issue raised from the clients in case of the prices as their demand is the fixation of the prices in case of the contracts.

• The spending made on the construction of the business is also considered to be the threat because the finances of the company are not fulfilling its production cost as to achieve profits.

• The involvement of the policies and rules of the government within the company is the drawback for it because it decreases the reputation of the company at risk.


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