YouTube SWOT Analysis

In 14 February 2005, a website was launched for sharing videos which is known to be YouTube. The headquarters of which is in San Bruno, California, United States. CEO Salar Kamangar and advisor Chad Hurley are the chief people that are managing and organizing the company. The company is actually a broadcasting station; being its main motto. Though Youtube has been banned several times for its optimistic showcasing of all types of stuff with no limits or regulations, but the present status of it is running.

YouTube Strength

• Youtube’s main strength is its ultimate support provider that is Google; which being the world’s largest search engine serves as a back bone for it.

• The site is accepted professionally as the entrepreneur holders feel it safe and publicly promotional to expose their content to the target customers they actually have planned to reach.

• Incomparable mass and traffic size is unmatchable with any other broadcasting site as it gets millions of clicks every second that is quite remarkable.

• Owners that are satisfied with the services of Youtube seek help from Youtube for promoting their advertisements.

• Youtube facilitate the people in increasing their self confidence, proficiency and knowledge.

• Youtube serves in 34 languages all over the world, which could be adjusted according to the demographic location of the user. .

YouTube Weaknesses

• Earning of money from the videos generated by the user receives great managerial problem as it’s difficult to track the payments that owes to the up loaders.

• The Youtube services are directly altered by the decreasing profits received by the company, affecting the management of the budget by the company in a long run.

• The feedback of the users in the form of comments on the videos uploaded are not supervised that adds bad effect to the viewers as the comments are sometimes below human standards or nasty enough to be ignored.

• Users can upload copyright videos or contents.

YouTube Opportunities

• The producers who are satisfied with the services of the company are uploading their videos adding to not only their promotions but also the company’s profits.

• Media strategy developed through google helps in promoting the services of Youtube by optimizing such channels through freedom of action.

• Different business models have feasibility of alternation in their business to have success in future.

YouTube Threats

• Very tough competition is raised among the online market of broadcasting as number of copies to the Youtube has been made with more attractive outlay than YouTube.

• The violation of rules and regulations by the users alarms the sound existence of the stations like Youtube as the percentage of spasm content in more than the useful one.

• Attention of google is abstracted to other searching sources and schemes making Youtube at the underprivileged end, as Google always have been supporting its survival.

• Involvement of the government is increasing day by day for doing amendments in the services which affects the users or followers percentage, as most of the users were attracted towards its optimistic approach towards broadcasting.


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