SWOT Analysis of Liberty Media

In 1991, the Liberty Media Company is the public company that was founded which was based on the industry of media holding company. The company is headquartered in the Douglass County, Colorado, United States. The key people of the company that execute, control and accomplish the functions are the John C. Malone and Gregory B. Maffei who are the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. John C. Malone who is the chairman of the company owns many of the voting shares of the company.  

Liberty Media SWOT Analysis



• The company is very strong in holding the better position in the market as regarding to the media corporation.

• The Liberty Media Corporation is very well built in the loyalty of the customers.

• The new and innovative sorts of products and services are invented by the company that attracts the interest of the customers.

• The management team of the company is very well organized that increases the efficiency of work in growing demand.

• The very strong diversified business portfolio is experienced by the Liberty Media Company.

• The focus on the new and advanced technology that is used by the company in order to have better production which results in high growth.

• Liberty Media Corporation has very strong and advantageous demographic allocations in the market.


• The expenses that are paid on the digital cable are very high as they are inevitable sources of broadcasting.

• The advanced and innovative technology is sometimes difficult for the employees to manage.

• The focused area for serving the customers is too wide that decreases the efficiency while accomplishing them.

• The company is very weak in the built up strategies about the promotion like through the advertisements.

• The undifferentiated products and services are produced by the company with relatively cheaper quality.


• The mergers should be made by the company in order to expand the area of the business.

• The acquisitions should be taken by the company by having more focus on the international market.

• The entrance of the company in the new market that generates the sales as well as the level of profitability.

• The more concern of the company is in case of the educational media markets.

• The more and more opportunities should be made through the involvement of the online services. 


• The prices settled in the market that increases the actual cost of the product come up with the price wars with the competitors.

• The improved and easily accessed channels of distribution are provided by the existing competitors of the company.

• The implication and the interference of the government in the company declines its growth like through the taxes, politics etc. 

• The online access is there for the various brands that are the competitors of the Liberty Media Corporation.

• The more innovative and up to date products and services are provided by the competitors that declines or stagnant the growth of the brand.


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