SWOT Analysis of Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment is renowned name in world of entertainment business. The company was launched in 2010 by the union of Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Headquarter of the company is located in Beverly Hills, California. Live Nation Entertainment is providing its services all over the world with help of more than 6,000 full time employees and around 13,000 part time employees. The company has incurred $5.38 billion revenue in year 2011. Live Nation entertainment is promoting live entertainment through e-commerce. All ticketing and organization of concerts worldwide is the main objective of Live Nation Entertainment. Live Nation offers live entertainment through digital media and by e-ticketing facility.


• Live Nation entertainment host 5 top most ecommerce websites of entertainment.

• Live Nation organizes around 20,000 concerts for more than 2,000 artists every year around the globe.

• Live Nation is also associated with Front Line that is considered as number one management company providing services for 250 artists.

• With the help of 8,000 advertisers Live Nation reaches to more than 200 million consumers all over the world.

• The effective use of social networking media and online advertising Live Nation adopts successful marketing strategies.

• Live Nation is customer oriented organization and ensure availability of exceptional customer services to customers.

• With the help of economies of scale Live Nation tends to increase its services without investing more and also able to beat the competition in market.

• Live Nation holds strong brand name that ensure customers quality for their money.

• Dedicated staff of company ensures the standardized performance and generate higher revenues.

• With Ticketmaster, Live Nation offers paperless ticket for their customers that can be acquired online. Paperless tickets also help to increase margins of profits.

• The 360 deals offered by Live Nation have ability to generate high revenues from concerts, sales, merchandise, artists and customers.


• Most of consumers of Live Nation entertainment are young people. The interest and income resources of such people are unpredictable therefore; during economic decline these consumers try to save as much as possible that can reduce the spending for entertainment that can also decline revenues of company.

• The success of company largely depends upon the success of concerts.


• The company can enhance its stock market value by increasing price of shares. This is one technical opportunity that can enhance the value of company.

• With increasing trend of online music there has been decrease in sales of records of artists due to this situation artists are more compelled to give live performance that can help to generate increased revenues.

• Emerging markets such as China and India offer huge opportunity for entertainment industry.


• Epidemic such as swine flu can threat the events where large number of people gets together like concerts therefore; organizations like Live Nation can get affected by such situations easily.

• Live Nation is merger of other brands and mergers is one legal process that needs permission from regulatory panel and other legal formalities that slow down the process.


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