NFL SWOT Analysis

The NFL (National Football League) is considered to be the top professional American League in the world and is also known to be the highest level of professional American Football in the United States.

Following is a detailed SWOT Analysis of NFL to understand its competitive advantage and potential risk in the future:


• One of the major strength this company has been able to maintain throughout the years is their ability to share revenue.

• Huge followers or fan base all across the US.

• The Super bowl which is the NFL’s championship game has been considered to be the most watched sporting game in the world.

• Strong associations with top sponsors.

• The whole business structure is modeled around the media and merchandising that allows NFL to sustain its economic and financial power.

• Known as the most attended domestic sport league in the world with an average attendance of 6700 per game.


• Lacks followers or fan base outside the US, as it’s only popular within the country.

• NFL encounters many credibility issues like doping etc.

• The organization also has to look after their player’s health issues more closely.  The head injuries the players have to face through often proved them to be a long term health issue. A recent NFL player association survey revealed this year that shows ALMOST 80 % of the players who do not trust their team’s medical staff.

• There is no proper association with the broadcasters in Asia, since most of NFL’s games are not being telecasted in Asia.

• Lacks diversification.

• NFL has not yet achieved any global presence.

• The financial position of the company is over-leveraged.


• There is a lot of room for improvement for the NFL Company to create new opportunities. These improvements will help the organization to grow more revenue and retain more valuable players.

• Assigning long term safety rules can also bring a positive change for the organization.

• Need to tap into global fan bases specifically entering into an emerging economy like India and China.

• NFL needs to lower their ticket prices to attract even more fan base in the United States.

• More franchises in Canada.

• Product or service expansion by entering into global markets.


• Faces tough threat with its competitors like NBA and MLB.

• New emergence of soccer market can be a threat in USA.

• As the US economy fluctuates, it becomes difficult for the company to sustain its revenue in the future.

• The NFL team currently faces threat that could also affect their business. According to the USA today, the company can lose its $9 billion dollar business due to player’s filing lawsuits against the company for serious brain diseases. This long term health issues could damage the NFL brand reputation in the market if the youngsters and their parents can opt out of playing this sport.

• The lawsuits that have been filed can also result in huge liabilities for the company.

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