SWOT Analysis of Starbucks

The Starbucks is the international coffee company in the world which was founded in 1971 by the Gordon Bowker and Jerry Baldwin. Its industry is based on the restaurants, entertainment and retail beverages. The company’s headquartered in Seattle, Washington, US. The company provided the services of the coffee over 58 countries from the whole world. The products that are produced by the company are smoothies, whole bean coffee, boxed tea, baked goods, one to the other beverages and merchandise etc.

Starbucks SWOT Analysis

Starbucks Strengths

• The Starbuck Corporation is the profit generating organization that are in millions and are increasing more than the previous years.

• The company comes up with the strong brand name and image and works on the slogan that the company is working with great experience.

• It is the one of the strongest and leading company having 6500 franchises all over the world with proper licensing.

• The company is practicing the response of the loyal customers in the countries with the existing products.

• Strong competitors are minimum for the company and the company is properly controlled by the management team.

• The location of the Starbucks company is at most appropriate that can be a strength in order to attain the attention of the customers.

Starbucks Weaknesses

• The company is not paying attention on the international scope in order to expand the expand the business world wide.

• Their found a constant increase in the growth of the competitors as with the growing rate of the market.

• The prices of the products made by the company are much expensive that results in the stagnant growth .

• The working of the employees under the supervision of proper management team is cross sectional and some of the time came up with the biased behavior.

• The company is facing the less sales, revenues and also the minimum number of the market shares.

• The size of the existing Starbucks company is very  small as compared to the broaden extensions of their customers.

Starbucks Opportunities

• The company should enhance and advance the existing technology for the production as well as for the supply of goods and commodities.

• Maximum number of distribution channel are introduced for the company in order to sell various products at high level.

• Emerge and acquire the international markets and expand the business to be known internationally.

• The company should continue expansion at domestic level to improve the business skills.

• To improve and produce more and more innovative products in order to have more attention from the customers side.

Starbucks Threats

• The interests and habits of the customers that is more towards healthy foods rather than caffeine.

• The prices of the coffee that are with fluctuating and reasonable rates in different areas of the world.

• The issues that are generated in case of the international expansions which are the political and cultural trends of different countries.

• A huge and intense competition that is because of the more restaurants, super markets and other coffee shops with different specialties.


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