SWOT Analysis of Monsanto

In 1901, the Monsanto Company was found which is based on the agribusiness industry that is the multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. John Francis was the founder of the company and is headquartered in Creve Coeur, Missouri, U.K. Monsanto is supposed to be the second largest company for the production of genetically engineered  seeds. The company is involved in the producing the products like crop seeds, herbicides and pesticides.
SWOT Analysis

Monsanto Strengths

• The company gathered large number of loyal customers by providing better services from US to Asia.

• The company is the one of the largest producer in the world for the production of the herbicide glyphosate and genetically engineered seed.

• The Monsanto Company is considered as the one of the most experiencing company as it is working for so many years.

• The dominant position and leading of the company is experienced in the agriculture biotechnology.

• Monsanto Company has the strong brand portfolio as well as the strong abilities in the field of biotechnology.

• The operation performed by the company involved the diversification in which invention of different sought of techniques is implemented.

Monsanto Weaknesses

• The court cases are filled against the company in results of the violation in the standard rules and regulations from the environment side.

• The supply of chain for the products is weak in order to the distribution made to the customers.

• The business practices done by the company all over the world are assumed to be controversial that is experienced in India about farmers suicide cases that reduce the demand of the customers from the brand.

• The violation that is performed by the company regarding the farmers that is neglecting to attain the copy right for the seeds.

• Another weakness found in the company is the negative and false advertisement of the company in the countries like France.

• The decision made by the company under the political influence leaves the negative effect on the market.

Monsanto Opportunities

]• The company should try to involve in the corporation of the world’s largest corporation that is BASF to develop strong levels in the research and development of biotechnology.

• Enhancing and improving the procedures and chemicals in the field of biotechnology.

• Promoting and establishing the real picture of the company to the customers and government as well.

• Acquiring and emerging the markets of the India so to improve the image that is based on the controversies made in history.

Monsanto Threats

• The Monsanto Company safeguards and protects the intellectual rights in the property.

• The ban imposed on the crops that are genetically modified becomes the reason for the down fall of the company.

• A very tough competition is faced by the Monsanto Company because of its stable competitors in the market.

• The rules and regulations that are involved in the company by the government is a huge issue that prevents the company to decline in the market.

• The demands for the reforms from the department of agriculture.


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