ConAgra Foods,Inc SWOT Analysis

A ConAgra food is the one of the most leading companies in the services of packaged foods. The companies serving around the world with different distributions in businesses like consumer foods, international foods and commercial products. The company’s headquarter is in Omaha, Nebraska, America which is controlled and organized by CEO and President Gary Rodkin.


• The main strength for the company is the advantage of cost that is with lowest cost the company is attaining higher rate of production.

• The factors of research and development in the company are very high that leads to success.

• The ratios of innovation as regarding the packaging concern are more advanced that attract the customers and grasp their attention.

• The supply chain of the company in selling the product is observed is very broad that it is serving across the world.

• ConAgra foods have very much strong in financial arrangements that come up with the great strength of the company.

• The market is completely in control of the company in case of the shares that means the company is providing the leadership services in the market shares.

• All over the world the company is experiencing the strong brand recognition and have huge queue of the customers.

• Most important strength is that the company has the diversified business portfolio and broad vision and is interested in the more expansions. 


• The weakness of the company is that the products that are manufactured in the production units are weak in quality and most of the times come into view as damaged.

• The management system that is practiced by the company is not working so well those results in the miscommunication and bad image of the brand.

• The factors of research and development are sometimes not appeared to be better for company’s success.

• With the decline in the company or brand name the shares of the company in the market decreases which ends with a weakness.

• Latest technology is lacked in order to renovate the products as well as the packaging in order to improve the brand image.

• For the improvement of the brand there are no actions taken for the product recall in order to save the products from natural calamities.


•The significant opportunity for the company is to acquire more production plants and businesses to have strong recognition of brand.

• Starts to improve the financial position through different ways like by raising the debts for the company.

• By the expansion of the services and product the company leads to the success.


• Economical crisis and slowdown are considered to be the threat for the company.

• Very tough competition that is faced by the ConAgra Foods Company is the enormous threat.

• Problems that are appeared in the import of raw material for the company like the duties and taxes and also the competitors that come up with the lowest prices is the threat.

• Settling of prices in the whole business market that one or in the other way fall company in the losses.


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