Dean Foods SWOT Analysis

In 1925, the Dean foods was founded which used to produced foods and beverages like milk and all other dairy products with a better packaging. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, America. The company is operated and organized by the Chairman and CEO, Gregg L. Engles. The goods and services are provided in the whole America.

SWOT Analysis of Dean Foods



• The company supports the activities of the sale by keeping in view all the interests of the customers so to have a better business.

• All the strategies and the structure of the business are known by the customers and the customers are also aware of the new information up dates regarding the company.

• The company put more emphasize on the understandings of the partners as well as the suppliers of the company.

• The strong recognition of the brand name is their means that everyone knows about the well produced quality and services of the company.

• Economic crisis and conditions should not affect the brand name and sales of the company because the customers consistently buy the products.

• The company specifies and identifies the area that characterizes the production which improves the sales of the company.

• Due to the known quality food of the company the sales are not decline with the increase in the price level. 

• The company is operated under the supervision of the strong management team which results in the organized coordination between the employees.


• The prices of the milk are unpredictable so that may cause the decline factors in sales and for that company cannot depend only upon the production of the milk.

• Minimum level of debts attained for the company supposed to be the weakness for the company growth.

• The company is unable to promote the brand by providing the difference in the consumption level of different age group people.

• Creation of the awkward situations while the execution of the stores and problematic and crowded parking is appeared as the weakness.


• When the prices of the goods and commodities are lower then it could increase the level of sales and broaden the vision.

• The balance in the cost of fuel can increase the production level of the goods and commodities.

• The involvement of the private labels in the company can improve the brand name and the sales are also affected by this action.

• The company can earn more by providing healthy goods for different age groups and also the services that are related to help especially for health and diet conscious people.


• The sudden increase in the price level or fluctuation in the prices can affect the sales of the brand in negative manner.

• The attention of the customers might be diverted in a way that to avoid the branded milk that is made in stores.

• One of the threats is that the department of agriculture wants improvements in their departments and also better incentives.

• The promotional activities made by the company damage the scope of the margins.


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