SWOT Analysis of Nash-Finch

It is originally recognized in 1885 and integrated in 1921, Nash Finch Company, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the second largest publicly traded general food distributor in the United States, in terms of income, serving the retail grocery industry and the military commissary and trade systems. Its yearly sales are more or less $5.0 Billion.The Company deals out with food products and provides hold up services to a variety of retail set-up including conservative supermarkets, military commissaries, multicultural stores and extreme value stores. Nash Finch Company’s center business, food delivery, serves self-governing retailers and armed commissaries in 36 states, the District of Columbia, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Azores and Egypt


• The main factor which makes Nash Finch a developed company is its strong supply chain system, which is same from years.

• They step out in the business field when there was hardly any other food supplying company.

• They are getting recognized day by day globally due to their loyalty with their customers.

• They are providing the best quality of food to their customers.

• Their market share leadership is very strong.

• The cost of their food products is really access able to the buyers, which is the reason customer, prefers them over many other food supplying companies.

• From 1960 to 1969 Nash observe its sale that has grown from $91 Million to the maximum of $248 Million.


• Due to the lack of good resources in their research and development department this has became their weakness.

• Bad attainment in their products has now their biggest issue. Due to which they are losing many buyers and traders.

• Due to supplying limited products in the market they are losing their mature position which they have kept from many years.

• Lack of balance sometimes comes out as a problem for them. They con not keep the balance and lose their position.


• They can also enhance their share in the market just by raising money through debts.

• By increasing their markets and taking their business to an intercontinental level will be another great victory in their business to take it to the next stage.

• By start trading with their clientele and investors online will lead to a global standard company. So that the clients can set an arrangement with them just by meeting in their homes.

• Spreading out in their products and services will help them expand more profit and increase in their consumers internationally.


• As more companies of same business are coming in the market, the rivalry is getting tough

• Due to the off and on decelerate in the trade and industry market, they might face some economic problems in upcoming time.

• If Nash Finch ever tried to drop their image by using low standard material in their food products then a trustable image that has been created for the customers will not remain any longer and it’ll be really hard for them to continue their stay in the market.


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