Thermo Fisher Scientific SWOT Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation was founded in 2006 which is based on the industry of health care equipments. The company was developed by the merger of the companies that are thermo electron and fisher scientific. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA and is controlled and accessed by the President and CEO Marc N. Casper.  The products and services produced by the company are the software and services for the research, discovery and diagnostics, manufacturing, analysis and reagents and consumables etc.


• The company acquired and owned a very large area for the production of its products and services.

• Thermo Fisher scientific Corporation has very less probability of the volatility as compared to the competitive companies.

• The products and services of the health care are widely spread in the various areas of the world.

• The company is experiencing the very strong market position as in due to the product line.

• The prices offered by the company are very lower and reasonable that increases the demand for its products.

• The national network provided by the company is very strong and extensive.


• The company is weak in its work efficiency as because of the less qualified staff and management.

• The cost charged on the various operations of the company is very high that reduces profitability ratio.

• The financial position of the company is not as much stable in the company for the market expansions.

• The contracts and agreements owned by the company with the government decreases the ratio of productivity and growth.


• The company should try to expand its services and products all over the world that improves its work efficiency.

• All sort of demographic trends should be followed by the company so that to increase the demand for the products.

• The company should try to improve the contacts related to the services of the products that might be through sales distributors.

• The company should expand its business in Malaysia as the demand for the health care equipments is growing rapidly there and in all over the world.

• The potential for the growing business is more for the company especially in the neighboring countries.

• All the information related to the market are there by the company that increase the growth as by knowing all aspects of market.


• The economic crisis and slowdown and the period of recession declines the growth as well as the productivity of the company because the demand in the hospitals decreases.

• The prices offered for the products and services by the competitive companies are very less as compared to the Thermo Fisher Scientific.

• The low cost equipments that are available in the market affects the growth of the company negatively because of it many of the customers only go to the hospitals only in critical situations.

• The involvement of the government and political affairs in the market affects the productivity and profitability both. 


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