SWOT Analysis of Universal Health Services

The company of Universal Health Services is one of most authentic company providing management services for hospitals in US. The company is also listed as Fortune 500 Company and operating in 37 different states of country. Headquarter of the company is located at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The Health departments managed by Universal health services include behavioral centers for health, acute care hospitals and surgical centers. This huge company has recruited more than 60,000 employees in its different offices. During year 2010, revenue generated by the company was more than $ 5 million. The objective of the company is to ensure the availability of quality health services to patients.


• The Universal health Services is leading company in US offering services for hospital management.

• With the help of different subsidiaries Universal health services are managing 226 hospitals offering acute care services.

• UHS also trade in Stock Exchange of New York and its shares are traded under symbol of UHS.

• The standard policies of company and quality services enable hospitals to offer health services to their clients at affordable costs.

• UHS also helps to improve relationships of community and physicians and encourage them to develop trust between them.

• The stability of company enhances its business value and increase cash flow within company. The financial performance of business also enables it to carry out its operations freely.

• Universal health services address all important aspects of hospitals that can result in license revocation by centers of Medicare and Medicaid services.

• Identify needs of patients and ensure that all needs of patients are well acknowledged.

• Offer devoted health services that are preferred by physicians and recommended to other.

• Investors of Universal Health services always gain high returns due to sustainable policies of company.

• Always looking for ways to enhance the performance and experience of team members in every segment of company.

• The business of universal health services is based on best ethical standards.


• Due to reimbursement policy through third party the reimbursement process is really slow and usually results in reduced reimbursement.

• High expense to meet the modernized need of industry with latest technology.


• The demographic conditions of market favor the company for its business. More opportunities are available for health care industry.

• Due to increase in average age of people and investment of common in health care more attention is required in hospital sector.

• Universal health service can also acquire benefits with the presence of fragmented market.

• Government policies are offering more investment for health care department and associated companies.


• Some government policies can affect the business of company negatively.

• Decline in economy also affect the expenditure power of health sector and hospitals may not afford high investment in infrastructure.

• Increasing number of unemployment also effect business related to health care.

• Changing conditions of stock market also influence investment in this segment.

• Rivals in market offer tough competition for health care industry.

• Low budget hospitals offer limited resources for universal health service.


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