SWOT Analysis on Mylan Pharmaceuticals

SWOT analysis of Mylan which has been operating in Pharmaceuticals industry. By the joint coordination of Milan Puskar and Don Panoz in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia they came up with the idea of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, which was later introduced in 1961 as Milan Pharmaceuticals. The corporation moved to Morgantown, West Virginia in 1965, and in 1976 it relocated its corporate headquarters to Pittsburgh suburb Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and as a final point in 2004 it moved to a new office center in close to Southpointe, an accommodation business park located in Cecil Township, where it is still to be found (Labaton, 2000). The company started as a distributor, but in 1966, Mylan received an authorization to begin developing penicillin (a drug) G tablets.

Mylan is giving its best services to its user more or less in 150 countries and territories. This makes Mylan world’s best company. The company maintains one of the industry’s biggest and highest quality product portfolios, which is bolstered on a regular basis by a ground-breaking and healthy product channel. With a labor force of more than 18,000, Mylan has gained leading positions in key worldwide markets during its wide collection of dosage forms and delivery systems, significant developing ability, global commercial scale and a devoted focus on quality and customer service. The company ranks among the top five generics companies in several markets around the globe and is the largest U.S.-based generics producer in the world.

Mylan Strengths

• Through its India-based subsidiary Mylan Laboratories Limited, Mylan has nonstop right of entry to one of the world’s biggest and lively pharmaceutical ingredient (API) makers.

• Mylan operates a completely included line pharmaceutical business, Mylan Specialty which produces ground-breaking remedial therapies, together with EpiPen.

• The corporation offers one of the industry’s broadest and maximum quality generics product portfolios.

• Mylan has altered itself from the third largest generic pharmaceuticals company in the U.S. to the third major generics and department of pharmaceutical business in the world.

Mylan Weaknesses

• The main cause of client disapproval is that Mylan inability to totally make happy the first run for new pharmaceuticals.

• The corporation recognizes it possible losing in the wide run to buy more products very shortly to hand out the rush when a pharmaceuticals promotion initial becomes available, for the reason that the copies will not be rented with almost as a great deal rate quickly after the charge.

• Clients have taken on to the truth that Mylan just purchases an unsatisfactory amount of new discharges right away, deciding to stay behind the rareness of weak to purchase the size of its provided product at lower operating cost.

Mylan Opportunities

• They have started a new way to displaying their products directly to computers for the clients because after that their clients will be able to purchase their stuff by doing online shopping.

• Luckily for Mylan, this service is now accessible as a per-screening foundation.

• Active organization could probably facilitate Mylan to take up present suppliers of this tune-up.

Mylan Threats

• As with the increase in the business market, there is a clear danger for Mylan that they are going to have strong competitors.

• By decreasing their quality, they might lose their clients.


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